Embracing the mess and moving into radiance

This practice is perfect when you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed by all the things, and everything feels like a mess personally and/or professionally.

Be Gently Guided To Move Out Of The Mess And Into Radiance. 

This nourishing yet activating guided embodiment practice will gently lead you deeper into your body so you can embrace what’s going on in life & business and let go of what’s not serving you while embodying deep pleasure and reconnecting with your radiance.

You’ll be guided through a powerful practice that I use exclusively with my clients in our mentoring sessions.


The gentle practice is guided by Ainslie with subtle accompanying music and runs for 25 mins.

You can do the practice laying down, sitting up or on your hands and knees.

This is an embodied activation, not a meditation. So you can unleash through movement, breath & sound! 

Reconnect to Your Pleasure & Power

Jen Murphy

Celtic School of Embodiment

Embracing The Mess and Moving into Radiance is delicious medicine for the body. I first experienced this practice when I had a woeful head cold, no doubt compounded by stress, as I was hosting a work event the following day. So I turned to Ainslie's gorgeous practice in the hope I could navigate the internal messiness I was feeling. I lay on the floor and allowed this experience to wash over me. Ainslie's voice is like honey, my entire system exhaled into her golden words and guidance. When I say I received, I received. The headcold did not disappear but I felt an immense recalibration and an ease in what was to come. It is now my absolute go-to when I need an injection of radiance!

Kat Reyes

Owner, E.W. Lee

I love this! It's a moving meditation which works well when you need to feel things out rather than just clear your mind. It's so nurturing and so complete in addressing everything that is going on. I always feel so much more present in my emotions afterwards.

Ready To Move Into Radiance?