Ainslie Young

An award winning Business Mentor & Feminine Embodiment Coach for High-Achieving Female Entrepreneurs.

Let’s free you of chronic stress and the daily grind, so you can continue to scale your impact driven businesses with pleasure, ease and freedom.

Meet Ainslie Young | an award winning Business Mentor & Feminine Embodiment Coach for High Achieving Female Entrepreneurs.

Hi, I’m Ainslie Young, a modern day mother to a little girl Xanthe (Zan-thee), an Aussie living in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore and now Bangkok) and a passionate Feminine Embodiment Business Mentor.

I help established and high achieving female business leaders switch chronic stress and overwhelm for greater levels of freedom, ease and pleasure as they continue to successfully scale their 6-7 figure businesses.

I have worked with 100+ business owners, across the globe to work less and achieve more, through in person masterminds, workshops, retreats, online programs and my high touch, 1:1 private mentoring.

I tend to work with the same clients for many years. Some of my clients have been with me for over 3 years, because we do deep, impactful and transformational work.

And let’s face it – both you and your business need solid support. And with full transparency, I usually form beautiful friendships with my clients and we love being a part of each other’s lives.

My work is for you if:

⦿ You’re a high-achiever, working hard and you’re feeling exhausted, stressed and like you’re on the verge of burnout (or you’ve burned out),You’re overwhelmed with all of the competing priorities in your business and life - from the responsibilities of scaling your business to managing family and social commitments. Your capacity feels stretched beyond belief and you’re fearful of ‘breaking.’

⦿ There’s a niggling feeling something’s not quite right with your business direction and there’s something else or something more you could be pursuing. This uncertainty is taking up a lot of mental space and energy and you desire clarity.

⦿ You’ve been doing personal development work - therapy, meditation, mindset coaching to help calm you down and maintain momentum, but things aren’t shifting or changing and you think there’s something wrong with you. You feel like you need ‘fixing.’ (You don’t by the way!).

⦿ You’re feeling lonely in life and business and you long for soft yet powerful support where you can bring anything and everything into the coaching container (I successfully support clients through significant death/rebirth challenges - massive business pivots, navigating intimate relationships, international relocations, rites of passage from maiden, mother, crone).






My mission has always been to support clients to:

Create and enjoy more space and free time in their lives and businesses, where they can actually relax and restore, guilt free! (Think 4 day work weeks, sabbaticals, and laptop free vacations while scaling their 6-7 figure businesses).

Simplify and do less (and feel good about it!), while receiving more across all aspects of their businesses and lives including more money, opportunities, time, love, freedom, energy. It’s safe to welcome in more with greater ease!

Uncover what they truly desire, both personally and professionally, and to create a plan to achieve this from a place of pleasure rather than pain,

Feel more energised, alive and excited about all the possibilities ahead,

Reconnect to their vision and mission and see and feel life changing results, where they move from merely surviving to thriving.


Clients often say “I didn’t think things could feel this good!"



My Qualifications & Experiences

Here’s why I can support you to scale your business with less stress & overwhelm and more ease, pleasure and freedom….

I have both an academic background – I have a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and a Master of Marketing – and have extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience (in both product and service based businesses) crafting and executing traditional and digital marketing strategies and working in business development and communications.

But what gets me really excited is that I’m a certified and award winning Feminine Embodiment Coach with the School of Embodied Arts, certified Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy as well as a certified The Movement Experience Instructor.

What this means for you is that I have extensive, trauma-informed training and hands-on mentoring experience that will help us combine both your beautiful mind AND wisdom-filled body to liberate any tension that is holding you back in life and business and to get to the heart of what you truly desire. (THIS is my secret sauce!).

The embodiment and nervous system work I do goes beyond traditional business and mindset coaching as we start with DEPTH first, (your body & nervous system/the feminine) and DIRECTION second, (your head/strategy and masculine action).

And I can tell you, this way of partnering with your business works EVERY TIME.







I’m creating a Pleasure-Centred Leadership Movement where I’m committed to helping female entrepreneurs create and sustain successful, profitable businesses from a place of ease, joy and pleasure rather than pain, hustle and burn out.

And this is where the nervous system work, and specifically my unique Pleasure Portal Blueprint works its magic.

I’ve invested a phenomenal amount of time, energy and money into cultivating my skills and knowledge and I genuinely want to share it all with you, so we can allow your business success to be fuelled by your desire, not by default.





My Personal Stories Snapshot


My Personal Stories Snapshot

(or a lot, depending on how you view it!). Hopefully you have an idea of who I am and how my unique skills, extensive experience and open heart can really support you and your business.


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