I wanted to share with you something personal that’s been a great reminder to me – the power of backing yourself and conquering self-doubt.

As you may know, I recently hosted my very first copywriting workshop here in Hong Kong… it was pretty fabulous if I do say so myself!

I’ve wanted to host a workshop since January so I started planning this event at the end of March.

Because I’m such a planner, I thought it would all unfold effortlessly and be a lovely experience.

Was this the case?

Ah no.

I had planned on starting the marketing campaign in May to give people enough time to buy their ticket. But the week I’d planned to launch coincided with me being in China. Silly me forgot that I couldn’t access Facebook or my business email account in the good ol’ People’s Republic.

This meant I started on the back foot and it stressed me out.

Then I had multiple people let me know that they’d love to come to the workshop but it was the first day of school holidays. Cue mass exodus of my client base from Hong Kong for the summer break!

Self-doubt started creeping in.

So three weeks out from the event and I hadn’t even sold a ticket. Amidst working on multiple client projects and helping organise and MC the Little Alchemy Launch Event… and just generally running my business…I was trying everything to promote the workshop and nothing was working.

At one stage my husband suggested I consider postponing the workshop, (which in my mind meant cancelling…because my time is limited before the baby arrives!).

After telling James, ‘I’m not a quitter and I’d find a way to make it happen’ I actually felt even more stressed. I was suffering from a ‘lack’ or ‘scarcity’ mentality and I doubted myself big time.

Then I arrived back in Australia and felt dreadful.

All the work I’d planned to complete (including all the content for the workshop….think lesson plans, powerpoint presentation, presenter notes and worksheets) didn’t really happen because I was too tired and uncomfortable,(thanks to being 7 months pregnant), to even make the simplest decision…like peppermint tea or English breakfast!

Twelve days before the event I had only sold 3 tickets and my goal was to have 12 gorgeous workshop guests!

And do you know what?

I actually sold out AND had a waiting list!

Here’s how I made it happen…




I continued to remind myself WHY I wanted to run the workshop.

I LOVE helping other small business owners write strategic copy for their online platforms and I know the significant impact it can have on their business. Personally, I also wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone and run a workshop before my baby arrives! When it came down to it, I really just wanted to see what hosting a workshop was like…whether it was for 3 people or a sold out room.



I realised that I was joking with close friends that the workshop may or may not go ahead because of low ticket sales. This was sending the Universe mixed messages so I got clear and ‘flipped my switch.’

I declared to myself that I was running the workshop regardless of how many people bought tickets. My intention was to show up and give each and every guest an amazing workshop experience!



In addition to changing my inner and outer dialogue, I also made sure I followed through in terms of my actions.

I continued to liaise with all my sponsors, do all the back end planning/organising and marketed the heck out of the workshop. I showed the Universe, (and myself), that I meant business!



It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of journaling and leveraging the power of visualising exactly what you want.

Right from the planning stages, I got very specific as to how I wanted the workshop to unfold, who I would work with in terms of sponsors and the types of workshop guests I’d attract. I continually wrote this down and visualised each aspect…even when self-doubt was at an all time low!



As the workshop date neared, tickets slowly started to sell. Each time I’d receive a ticket sale notification I would say, ‘Thank you so much X for buying a ticket. I can’t wait to meet you!” (I’m not crazy, I promise).

I also celebrated each ticket sale by texting my husband and sister of the news and insisting my parents’ give me a high five, (BTW, I don’t live with my parents…I was visiting Australia).

I was genuinely so grateful for each ticket that I sold and it really made me appreciate and focus on each individual who bought a workshop ticket. I literally couldn’t wait to meet each guest in person – that was the true highlight!



Even though I felt like a complete goose repeatedly promoting my event in multiple Facebook groups and as a part of my email, sharing it on my personal social media platforms and even seeing which friends I could rope in at the last minute…it’s what you have to do in business.

I reminded myself that you have to continually show up, be consistent and hustle with heart when you’re working towards something. And it works! I went from selling 3 tickets over 3 weeks to selling the rest of the tickets in just one day!


The good news is these tips are transferrable!

You can implement these steps when you’re working towards anything in your life so you can stop self-doubt in its tracks and prevent it from hijacking your plans!

Just continue to back yourself!

I’d love to know if self-doubt is holding you back from achieving something big and beautiful in your life! Share with me in the comments below!

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