I had a quick trip back home to Australia and thought I would take some photos that weren’t of Newcastle’s spectacular beaches….mix things up a bit!

With my camera fully charged and a thermos packed, my parents and I set out to enjoy the sun and the wide-open space of the Hunter Valley’s countryside.

It was so nice to see rolling green hills, a gorgeous blue sky and farm animals!

A few times I made dad stop on the side of the road so I could get some quick pics of the livestock.

wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-42wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-37wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-11 wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-10wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-19

After venturing along the winding roads we arrived at the quant village of Wollombi.

We spent the morning taking in the old world atmosphere of this very peaceful town (it was a weekday, hence the serene nature….it’s a bit different on the weekends when the tourists and bikies arrive!).

The 19th century sandstone buildings and wooden cottages made for great photo opportunities as well as all the other interesting nooks and corners.

wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-28 wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-27wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-26wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-31wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-2wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-34wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-17wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-5wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-4wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-29wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-25wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-43wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-36wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-18 wollombi-newcastle-starting-with-a-blog-22A short stroll down from Wollombi’s ‘main street’ and to the right of the Tavern we came across the Sale Yards where we proceeded to take photos of random fence posts and barbed wire.

There was also a little creek behind the sale yards which had a great wooden bridge which was full of character.

A bonus of this time of the year and the chilly weather is that the wattle trees are flowering.

I love the vibrant gold fluffy blooms against the brilliant blue sky!


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