Is there anything better than being a part of a contagious giggle that turns uncontrollable or just a good old fashion belly laugh?

Having a good laugh has many health benefits including lowering your blood pressure, reducing certain stress hormones and giving yourself a decent ab work out.

But the ability to laugh at yourself is something truly priceless.

I do a lot of stupid things – mainly clumsy things because I’m rushing around or not paying attention.

My latest clumsy achievement was dropping an egg in my front loading washing machine…….how I did it, I really don’t know?

If I did that a few years ago, I would have berated myself for being so careless and being far from perfect.

But now I find the egg incident quite hilarious. It made my husband and I laugh uncontrollably for a good five minutes.

Having a sense of humour about things can make life easier and being able to laugh at yourself is a sign of an optimistic personality.

So drop the desire for perfection and give yourself permission to laugh at yourself and the funny things that happen in your life!

Laughter really is the best medicine.

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