In this episode of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear me share:

++ A personal ‘life update’ and how I’ve been trying to get back into the rhythm of life and business since returning from Australia,

++ The new mastermind I have joined, led by a 7 figure Quantum Transformation and Embodiment mentor, and how it’s been triggering and activating all at once!

++ Exactly how and why I quit my launch and my new focus and direction – I’m excited! 

++ Two really, REALLY powerful questions to ask yourself when you’re considering quitting something – you will find the answer, I promise. 









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Transcript – Life Update + Why I Quit My Launch

Hi and welcome to the Feminine Business School podcast. I am your host Ainslie Young and I am excited to be back behind the mike and stepping back into season 3.


I had an extended break from the podcast which I really needed, and now I am feeling fresh and ready to share my voice, my take on Feminine Business and what’s going on in my world.


And that’s where I want to start today. Just a little bit of a life update. I was considering not sharing as I felt it was a bit self-indulgent, but I actually love getting an insider’s view or a BTS perspective from podcasters who I listen to….so I will share.


I went back to Australia for 5 weeks over Christmas and it was the first time I had seen my family in 2 years….it was emotional to say the least.


And to be honest I have struggled integrating back into life in Singapore….from the heat and how it affects my health, to the covid restrictions and just generally finding my rhythm again, both personally and professionally.


I know many of us have had or are still having a slow start to the year, and do you know what, that’s ok.


Something I was really excited about was joining a new high end mastermind with my mentor Suzy Ashworth. Suzy is a Quantum Transformation Coach and I took the leap and joined her mastermind (even though I had in my mind that I was joining her year long group program).


But even though the financial investment was such a stretch, I am so glad I leaned into taking another leap of faith, backing myself and my business and investing in my vision for my life and my business.


Because this mastermind container and the women in it are next level.


BUT of course, nothing works out the way you expect….things haven’t gone exactly to plan since joining….and that has been a huge lesson in itself.


So here’s what happened….I went into the mastermind after coming back from Australia and I had planned on doing a live launch talking all things liberated launches….and to begin with it felt really amazing, until it didn’t.


As soon as I went into launch mode there was major contraction and I found myself asking all the questions….and the self-doubt was at an all time high.


And through doing a lot of inner work myself, and with Suzy I had the realisation that this launch was taking me down the wrong path. Talking about launches and heavily focusing on partnering with other coaches, creatives and wellness practitioners wasn’t where my heart was.


And I asked myself the question, How can I find peace in my body by continuing doing this launch?


And the clear answer was, I couldn’t.


And my mentor asked me a really powerful question, which you can absolutely use when you need it is ‘Is doing this launch in your highest good?’ and the answer was a clear no.


So, essentially I quit my launch half way through.


And yes, I’ll admit, for a brief minute I was worried what others would think – maybe I am a flake, I am not honouring my commitment, I was letting people down. And I knew there were women signed up who were so keen for the 3 days of training that I had planned out.


But when it came down to it I 100% knew, and I felt it in my body that quitting was the right thing to do.


I had a few people, including peers and clients saying it was really brave of me to quit, and I guess it was. But because I have done a lot of embodiment work and really regulating my nervous system, I know that when something feels right, and you know it’s in your best interest you do it.


What this experience really activated for me was my own self-leadership and my power. Quitting my launch was the perfect opportunity to really honour my mission and vision for my life and my business.


Because the thing is, I am so passionate about helping women in business tap into their pleasure and let this, their pleasure fuel their prosperity. It is absolutely possible for women to use their businesses to create the levels of prosperity and freedom they desire, without them sacrificing their values, burning out and without the pain that is often associated with growing a business.


And it’s the feminine embodiment modality as well as the energetic work that absolutely lights me up and this is where my clients experience the biggest shifts in their results.


So it made sense to go back to my original desire and to serve more established women in business, in this way.


Truth be told, this was my desire 3 years ago, but it kind of got lost along the way as I grew my business.


But in saying that, I have zero regrets in how I have grown my business. I have adored working with each and every client and doing more strategy work in combination with feminine embodiment work.


But it’s now time to reclaim my original desire and up level myself.


And as my astrologer said, this year is all about going big or going home for me, so that’s what I’m doing.


And just as an aside – this inner work I’ve been doing to get to this point is actually work. It has not been all rainbows and butterflies. Quite the opposite. It’s been messy, and heavy and dark.


But that’s often what happens when you step into new coaching containers – you’re activated and you’re forced to really look at your life and business, assess what you’re tolerating across the board, where you’re playing small and what stories you’re creating about what is and isn’t possible for you.


And from here you can really lean into your limitlessness and open yourself up to all the magnificent possibilities available to you. And I’m telling you, this is a really nice place to work from!


And in the next episode of the Feminine Business School I’ll share more around pivoting, changing directions in your business. So if you’re considering making a change in your business but all the fear, all the self-doubt is coming up I think this episode will be really helpful for you.


And in the meantime if you’re wanting high level support to activate your pleasure, your purpose, your power and your productivity so you really access next level prosperity and freedom, just reach out to me and I can share more about the Ascension Inner Circle.


You can send me a DM on Instagram, you can find me @ainslieyoung or simply send me an email – I’ll drop it all into the show notes because it’s common for people to mis-spell my name!


So thanks for indulging me and listening to my life and business update, including why I quit my launch. I hope it’s been of service in some way.


Until next time, have an amazing week full of pleasure, and I’ll speak to you soon!