When you have one foot in your business and your other foot just dangling around you’re not going ‘all in.’ And this lack of commitment becomes a problem, my friend. I see women in business do this all the time. 


They flounder and flit around. They continually think they will go back to their ‘day job’ if things don’t work out.


And do you know what? This lack of commitment shows in their results and the lack of growth in their businesses. And that’s why I want to talk about making yourself Unemployable!


Here’s what we cover in this episode:

++The major mistake I see business owners make when it comes to commitment,

++Why a lack of support or structure is NOT an excuse for holding back and not committing to your business’s growth,

++The exact reason why I have made myself ‘unemployable’….and why I’m cool with that,

++The number one question you need to ask yourself to assess your commitment to your business flourishing. 






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