I’m often asked ‘what is a Feminine Business Mastermind?’ so I wanted to share this really special, powerful and transformational experience. This part of my business is dear to my heart + it’s having a really radical effect on how my clients are approaching business & the incredible results they are achieving. 


If you’ve been keen to join a mastermind but you haven’t had any luck finding something that felt expansive and supportive (without the hustle and competition) then you should definitely listen in!  


Here’s what we’ll be covering in this episode:


++ I share why I created the Feminine Business Mastermind (hint, it has to do with Motherhood, uplevelling of support and the need to do business differently),

++ I also share why there is no perfect time to join a Mastermind (I share about how I managed to get as much value out of a mastermind while doing another international move + dealing with other challenges)

++ I explain who the Feminine Business Mastermind is for and exactly what you can expect from the experience (NB it’s a deeply rewarding and rich experience in so many ways)

++ I also get a bit teary as I read out the thoughts and feelings of the current Feminine Business Mastermind leaders,

++ And finally I share a VERY SPECIAL offer that is only available until 31st October 2020. So if you’ve been thinking about joining a high level mastermind that approaches business differently, then this is the time to act! 







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TRANSCRIPT – What is a Feminine Business Mastermind


Welcome to the Feminine Business School podcast, I’m your hostess Ainslie Young. And just a little aside if you don’t know me or you’re new to my work – my company is called Starting With A, hence my website is startingwitha.com….so when you hear me rattle of URL’s to my website….it may make more sense. 

The company name came to me 6 years ago when I first started my blog when I moved to Hong Kong.I had actually considered changing my business and company name to my own name but I had a numerology reading and apparently it’s the perfect name for my business….so it remains!

In the past few episodes I have shared the value of having both strategic and emotional support in business plus how I go about making decisions in who and what I invest in when it comes to business.


In this episode I wanted to share more about a really special, sacred and unique offering that I have created that I believe provides all that you need to create and run a wildly pleasurable, successful and sustainable business.


And that offering is the Feminine Business Mastermind.

But before we dive right into what exactly a Feminine Business Mastermind is, I wanted to share how my signature service offering came about.


So around 4 years ago, after I had my daughter Xanthe, I intuitively knew that I needed to join a mastermind. I had worked with 1:1 coaches in the past (which was great) but I also knew that I needed to:

A)   upgrade my beliefs of what truly was possible for me and my work

B)   Be surrounded by like minded women who were passionate about their work and doing business differently ie. not completely consumed by numbers and metrics, weren’t all about 6 figure businesses in 6 days and becoming a slave to their business


I really was looking for a more feminine way of doing business even though at the time I didn’t know that!

I did a lot of exploration over 2 years and I really couldn’t find anything that was suitable. There was always something that wasn’t quite right when I really examined all the different masterminds out there. 


For me,  it was also important that the mentor or the facilitator was compassionate and understanding about motherhood. I knew that my body was pretty sensitive and I couldn’t put it in a place where it would be overly stressed and that the expectations of me as a mastermind participant were above and beyond my capacity at the time….During my search I had come across a number of really competitive, hustle and grind masterminds which just weren’t going to work.


Thankfully in 2019 I did find a Feminine Leadership Mastermind that really catered to opening up a realm of new possibilities for how I could partner with my business and planted the seed that success could be simple. And do you what? The timing couldn’t have been worse…or maybe it was perfect?

I started this mastermind in the midst of relocating from Hong Kong to Singapore, completing my FECC and looking after my then 2.5 year old daughter without any childcare or school.


I just wanted to add this in….because so often we put off investing in ourselves or welcoming in support because it appears to ‘not be the right’ time….but often that’s just an excuse to not back yourself and back your big vision for your life and business.

Anyway this mastermind experience was incredible and I actually continued with this mastermind into 2020 BUT I also intuitively knew that I needed to uplevel my marketing skills and knowledge….you know how quickly the online business and marketing scene moves! 


I knew I needed to try new marketing strategies to help expand my visibility and have a solid structure and safe container to do so, so I joined a high level marketing mastermind also for 2020.

Now being a part of these 2 masterminds concurrently was a serious investment in both time and money- I have spent around $20k US in the last 2 years just on masterminds


But ultimately being a part of these 2 masterminds gave me the perfect balance of a healthy feminine and healthy masculine container to work within and to allow my business flourish.

And from a personal perspective, time and time again I’m reminded that I’m here to honour the sacredness of the Masculine and the Feminine. This sentiment has come up in so many different readings I’ve had – Akashic Records, Astrology Readings, Intuitive Readings etc etc. 


And of course my own personal challenges in both life and business always remind me that I’m here to help the Masculine and Feminine exist in harmony.


And that’s why I created the Feminine Business Mastermind.

  • I really desired a mastermind that comprehensively brought both the masculine and the feminine together.


  • I wanted a mastermind that personalised attention and support (this is uncommon in most high level masterminds).


  • I wanted a mastermind that took a balanced, sustainable and inclusive approach to business, combining marketing strategy and Feminine Leadership, providing structure and processes you can use to create momentum and get results,


I knew I personally didn’t want to be a part of a mastermind where you had to religiously follow the masculine marketing trends and rigid sales tactics. Instead I wanted to create a container where your desires and dreams are met with understanding, support and accountability, so you get stuff done and experience success while staying true to your values.


I also knew I wanted to create a mastermind experience that welcomes the whole woman – the messy parts, the dark parts, the brilliant parts and all that’s in between. (And thank goodness I did…because so many of us have been sitting in a state of discomfort during 2020, my Feminine Business Mastermind clients included.)


So you may be asking who is the Feminine Business Mastermind for?

The Feminine Business Mastermind is perfect for women who’ve been in business for 2+ years, working with paying clients and they’re ready to upgrade into the next level of their business and radically up-level their income by consistently magnetising clients,

I’ve also found that these women are passionate serviced-based providers, especially a coaches, healers or health and wellness practitioners or even creatives and they’re seeking high-level support in the form of personal mentoring + coaching, business strategy, pinpointing their blocks (plus liberating them) and major up-leveling in their leadership and business success


Now this mastermind experience really is perfect for women who want to experience effortless visibility so their gifts are widely seen and that they tap into their ability to express, unapologetically from your heart.


I also find that the women who are drawn to this experience are done being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole when it comes to marketing. Instead, they are really ready to embrace a new, more pleasurable, productive and profitable way to run their business,

And on the flip side, I also want to mention that this mm is perfect for a woman who would class her way of operation as more free flowing and feminine and she really needs some healthy masculine structure and stability to create momentum and achieve the results she desires.


I’ve also found that the women who are attracted to this experience also desire high energy and expansive support from fellow women in business- taking a more collaborative approach – and this really helps to fuel their flame and elevate them to even greater heights,

And finally the Feminine Business Mastermind is perfect for women who are committed to going deep, doing the work and who are willing to stretch, flow and GROW while ditching the pain and revelling in pleasure! This really is a deep, rich and rewarding experience in many different forms,


I have consciously crafted this experience to ensure that the 6 month curriculum (which you can access from the minute you join the mastermind) provides a healthy masculine structure and support. I walk you through how to liberate tension from your body so you can liberate your business, we double down on your dream clients, we craft signature service offerings that sell themselves, we go into depth around feminist marketing strategies so you can find what feels good to you when it comes to marketing, and then we shift gears and dive into pleasure, productivity and prosperity and finally we embrace magnetism and use our bodies todraw our desires towards us.

So just so you know….this isn’t an online course. The curriculum is there to offer you education and training coupled with 1:1 coaching and group coaching. It really is a collaborative, supportive and nurturing space where you continually receive leadership and business activations from myself and your fellow feminine leaders.


If you’re keen to learn more about the 12 month Feminine Business Mastermind  you can can see all the information over at startingwitha.com/mastermind


The women who are a part of the mastermind have been doing amazing things – selling out events despite the pandemic, finding more pleasure in their launches and marketing, creating booked out businesses and working with huge Chinese unicorn companies, presenting on panels as guest experts to 300+ people at global conferences….and so much more


And I asked some of our 2020 Feminine Business Mastermind leaders what they thought/felt about their experience. And here is just a snippet of what some of them kindly shared….

“I love the support and community of the FBM. I don’t have many friends that are also entrepreneurs and it’s great to have a group of women who understand me and can share ideas and perspectives from all over the world. Not to mention the support I get from Ainslie through quick voice memos to help me troubleshoot, celebrate or workshop between sessions.”

“As usual, I came into this with a clear idea of what outcomes I wanted and expected for my business. Doing the work with Ainslie I realize more everyday how much the patriarchy was influencing and informing my ways of approaching business that weren’t at all in line with what my body wants and needs – and My business IS embodiment! It’s been such a safe container that continues to get me to the heart of what’s draining me personally and professionally with the awareness to choose magnetism and pleasure as my guiding force rather than efforting and over giving.”


What have you loved most about the Feminine Business Mastermind experience so far?

“There are so many things to love about the FBM…. the positive energy at each call, the feeling of being loved and supported, the wisdom and guidance of Ainslie and other members of the group. What I loved most is getting to know myself better and what I want out of my business with each passing month into the mentorship (and as my team grows).”


How has this experience benefited you both personally and professionally so far? What has changed/shifted for you?

“Being part of such a supportive and understanding group of women has helped me to open up and lean into support when I needed, something that didn’t come naturally to me before. I realise now that learning how to ask for help is a form of growth as well!”


“The FBM has been such a beautiful space to deepen my embodiment practices and honor a feminine, cyclical approach to business. It has the perfect balance of space to honor the processes we undergo individually, and a close sisterhood of support around fully dimensional endeavors.”


“Professionally, I have found that I am hearing my inner guide louder, honoring my body of work more naturally, and have released years of guilt, confusion, and doubt. The tools I’m integrating in FBM are saving me from the burnout I see around me in so many linear models, and I know that I will carry the tools with me to aid all versions of my future self.”


“Ahhhh I tell you, I love this mastermind experience so much and I LOVE THE women who are a part of the group even more.”

 I often get teary reading their messages, sharing their wins and celebrations, the insights they continually gain, the deep pleasure they experience from doing their magical work and their collective wisdom! My heart feels like it’s going to explode after every call. It really is potent!”


You can see all the details of the Feminine Business Mastermind over at startingwitha.com/mastermind and you can make an application there too. I’ll also drop the link in the shownotes to make it simple for you to read all about this transformational experience.

And if you have any questions about the mastermind – don’t hesitate to reach out. You can send me a DM in instagram – you’ll find me at @ainslieyoung or send me an email at ainslie@startingwitha.com


I really do invite you to embrace this new, more gentle and feminine way of doing business….because it works!