I’m often asked ‘what is a Feminine Business Mastermind?’ so I wanted to share this really special, powerful and transformational experience. This part of my business is dear to my heart + it’s having a really radical effect on how my clients are approaching business & the incredible results they are achieving. 


If you’ve been keen to join a mastermind but you haven’t had any luck finding something that felt expansive and supportive (without the hustle and competition) then you should definitely listen in!  


Here’s what we’ll be covering in this episode:


++ I share why I created the Feminine Business Mastermind (hint, it has to do with Motherhood, uplevelling of support and the need to do business differently),

++ I also share why there is no perfect time to join a Mastermind (I share about how I managed to get as much value out of a mastermind while doing another international move + dealing with other challenges)

++ I explain who the Feminine Business Mastermind is for and exactly what you can expect from the experience (NB it’s a deeply rewarding and rich experience in so many ways)

++ I also get a bit teary as I read out the thoughts and feelings of the current Feminine Business Mastermind leaders,

++ And finally I share a VERY SPECIAL offer that is only available until 31st October 2020. So if you’ve been thinking about joining a high level mastermind that approaches business differently, then this is the time to act! 







>> Want to learn more about the Feminine Business Mastermind + the SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER? Take a look at my Feminine Business Mastermind 

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