Since becoming a certified Feminine Embodiment coach, with the School of Embodied Arts, and weaving these wonderful tools in to my practice, I’m regularly asked a series of questions.

These questions include:

“What actually is feminine embodiment?”

“How does Feminine Embodiment work in with me running a business. What’s the benefit?”

“Is Feminine Embodiment just all ‘woo’ and do you still work on business and marketing strategy with your clients?”


These are really great questions and they are all valid.

So in response to these questions, and for my own personal need to express my passion for my work….plus reiterate just how powerful a Feminine Embodiment Business Mentoring Series is, I have crafted this post.

Below I share an insight into what a 1:1 Feminine Embodiment Business Mentoring Session could look like for a client.

I share how a Feminine Embodiment Business mentoring session differs from a more traditional coaching approach and how each tool and embodied method deeply benefits you, your business and how it leads to success and depth.

Before we start, I want to mention that no two sessions are the same, but there are a few key components of the Feminine Embodiment Mentoring Session.

Here I share a sneak peek into what you may experience as a part of your very own Feminine Embodiment Mentoring Session. You can watch the short video or for more depth, continue to read below:


1. Drop In Process

More often than not, we start your mentoring session with The Drop In process, which is a key Feminine Embodiment tool.

Dropping into our bodies is such a great place to start a mentoring session because it allows you to bring your awareness from the external realms into your inner landscape. From here you can drop out of your head and anchor more fully into your body, so you can open up and really FEEL.

How is this different to a meditation?

Although the Drop In Process shares similar elements to a seated meditation, it also brings in the 4 Pillars of Embodiment – Awareness, Breath, Movement and Sound.

This allows you to become more intimate with the individual textures and sensations that are present inside your body. For example you may feel and identify:

  • Physical sensations – a tightness in your heart space, tension in your neck, pain in your knee
  • Mental sensations – thoughts, ideas or images
  • Emotional sensations – feelings or emotions
  • Energetic sensations – a flow of subtle energy moving through your body or around it (internally or externally)

How does this benefit me?

At the start of our mentoring session, the Drop In Process really enables you to come into your body and feel safe. When we work from a place of safety we can then become more sensitive to your internal landscape (how you’re feeling inside) and we can use this to uncover any ‘surface stress’ or tension. From there, we have some potent somatic cues that we can use to craft powerful goals.


2. Embodied Goal Setting

Just like any coaching or mentoring session, we set goals to provide a focus and direction for our time together.

However, these are not just any goals. They are Embodied Goals which are created by using the Depth First, Direction Second Formula I learned from my mentor Jenna Ward.


How is this different?

We often use the ‘surface stress’ or tension that was illuminated in the Drop In process as a starting point for your DEPTH (the Feminine). When we take the time to explore the depth around how you are currently feeling in your body, and in your life and business, plus how you’d ideally like to feel, we can use this vital somatic information to craft your DIRECTION (the Masculine).


How does this benefit me?

When we devote to going deep, the most aligned action appears.

Your body accesses her inner wisdom and you uncover your TRUE desire, in terms of how you want to feel and how you wish to move forward, rather than just thinking your way into something you SHOULD feel/do.

I love using this Embodied Goal Setting process as it creates a really powerful container for your mentoring session to unfold. Also, we’re both clear on what ‘success’ would look and feel like by the end of your session, which ensures you get the most out of each and every session.


** It’s important to note that from here, our sessions could take numerous different paths…a bit like a ‘Create Your Own Adventure’ novel. But the next component I’m going to share is the different Feminine Embodiment Tools that help to relieve tension/clear blocks and help us get ‘unstuck.’


3. Tension Completion + Becoming ‘Unstuck’

Once we’ve set your goal for the session, we want to work on the ‘surface stress’ you have uncovered.

For example, you may be feeling really overwhelmed with your launch and you uncovered a nauseous feeling in your stomach and a tightness in your chest.

From here we could use a number of different feminine embodiment tools including:

++ Liberation Process – here we partner to liberate any frozen tension in your body (nauseous feeling in your stomach and a tightness in your chest). Benefit – By doing this, we are helping to remove any ‘blocks’ that are opposing the flow of your goals.

++ Map your primal resistance patterns – Benefit – this helps us uncover any thought/feeling/behaviour cycles that may be keeping you stuck eg. you routinely keep thinking ‘my launch will be a disaster’ and you spend your time on tasks that aren’t going to add value to your launch.

++ Discover limiting beliefs and any associated payoffs – Benefit – this helps us get really honest with our beliefs/thoughts/tension and to see if we can FEEL them in our body. For example, you may feel like “I’m the only one who can pull this launch together. I have to do it alone.”

If we can’t actually embody this limiting belief we will actually keep resisting it and it will stay in our body as frozen tension/energetic block. By leaning into the uncomfortable sensation of embodying this belief and really feeling it, you can liberate it (the above tool) and then tune into what your body wants to believe (eg. I’m open to receiving help and I don’t have to do my launch alone) and then embody that!

Other Feminine Embodiment Tools we could use include: Roles, Embodied Boundary Setting, Pleasure Roles, Magnetism and more!

4. Embodied Business Strategy

Ok, so once we have really dived into the depth of your Feminine and liberated what was holding you back, we can then move into the Masculine ‘Go’ energy and start to strategise and take action.

For the launch example we could take many different directions in terms of strategy. It really depends on where you’re at and what your priorities are.

How is this different to the usual business coaching/mentoring?

Each strategy we use has an embodied element or is infused with Feminine Leadership. Here are just a few examples:

++ Embodied Launch Strategy – we calibrate your body for success (the Feminine) and then we map out an embodied launch strategy with key deliverables. The strategy lights you up, feels spacious, pleasurable and creative, allowing you to magnetise your clients/customers

++ Learn Feminist Marketing Copywriting strategies and how to really embody your expression – together we can write launch copy that eliminates you having to market and glorify your lifestyle (icky sales strategy), stop leveraging any privilege you may have, express your true authority and backstory (not fabricate it) and unravel any tension that may be holding your full, rich expression back.


How does this benefit me?

Because we have done the work and spent time in the Feminine/Feeling state, we have some really rich soil and a solid base to work from. This ensures that our business strategy and actions are super potent and you’re essentially working smarter rather than harder, thanks to your feminine fuel. (And this is paradigm shifting in itself!).

Also, the Feminist Marketing strategies we employ help to uplift and empower our audiences/clients instead of agitating their pain points and shaming them into working with us or buying from us. We want our marketing efforts to be genuine and aligned with the incredible value our gifts/talents/services/products are offering up to the world.


5. Key Learnings and Actions

Now that we have really explored and liberated any frozen tension/blocks that were holding you back and made an action plan/strategy it’s now time to reflect and share what your key insights have been and identify what your next steps are in moving forward with your goal.

How is this different from normal coaching?

Because we are coaching through an embodied lens, and your body has been through a process of feminine feeling and depth, we really want to emphasise the wisdom of your body.

For example, we want to uncover what feels true in your body now and what next steps would your body have you take?

How does this benefit me?

By wrapping up the mentoring session like this, you’re able to remember and embody/anchor in all of the wisdom that you have uncovered and YOU have self-sourced your future actions steps (with some guidance by me, if required/requested!).

The beauty and potency of this is that these are actions that you and your body truly WANT and DESIRE to take, rather than feeling and thinking that you SHOULD ‘follow the trends’ and do whatever the latest online marketing strategy is.

I can’t tell you how incredibly powerful, potent and effective these Feminine Embodiment Mentoring Sessions are.

I regularly receive messages like this from my incredible clients after their sessions:

feminine embodiment business client feedback


Also, the combination of the masculine (business and marketing strategy) with the feminine (your body’s internal wisdom and depth) helps to create a really holistic and balanced approach to business.

And when we approach business from a Feminine Leadership perspective we as womxn are playing to our strengths, being ‘change makers’ and doing good by breaking down the patriarchal structure of capitalism and the toxic ‘hustle’ mentality.
There is a softer, kinder and more sustainable pathway to success in business….and hand on heart I believe Feminine Embodiment is it!

Reflection Questions For You

++ How much time do I spend embodying masculine energy (hustle, grind, continual expansion) in my business and how does it affect me?

++ How could I bring more feminine energy (pleasure, my cycles and magnetism) in to my life and business? How could I benefit from this?

I hope this post has provided you with a deeper insight into what a Feminine Embodiment Mentoring Session entails and how it will benefit you both personally and professionally.

If you’d like to know exactly how a Feminine Embodiment Mentoring Series could help you and your business, then please do a book in a call here.

During our call I will provide you with insight and recommendations on how you can move forward in your business using both strategic marketing and feminine embodiment tools to ensure you have both a wildly pleasurable, successful and sustainable business.

Regardless if you sign up for us to partner together, I can guarantee you will walk away from our call with tangible tips and takeaways.

So if you’re keen, just book in a time to chat here.

Here’s to your wild pleasure and sustainable success in life + business!
Ainslie x