Do you want to turn your next holiday into a life changing experience?

Well ‘Wanderlust’ is for YOU!

‘Wanderlust’ will help to prepare your for a beautiful vacation, where you embrace the freedom travel offers and to see the world as the rich tapestry that it is…all whilst having a calm state of mind.

This FREE e-Book will help to whole-heartedly enhance, enrich and expand your life through embracing mindful travel.

Does any of this sound familiar when preparing for travel?

  • Are you stressed out prior to departing for your holiday and find these low vibes stay with you at the start of your trip?
  • Have you ever arrived at your destination and it hasn’t lived up to your super high expectations, leaving you feeling disappointed and your spirits low?
  • Do you always feel stretched for time when you’re on the road, trying to visit all the must-see sights and as a result you don’t enjoy yourself?
  • Do you worry that you’re missing out on everything that is happening back at home whilst you’re away?
  • Do you quickly become annoyed and agitated with all the waiting you do when you’re travelling?
  • Do you feel like your holiday was fleeting and you can vaguely remember the experience?
  • Do you suffer from ‘post holiday blues’ once you return from your globe-trotting jaunts?

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Why did I create Wanderlust?


I’ve been lucky enough to do a fair bit of travel for both business and pleasure over the last 10 years.

But recently I realised that many of my travel experiences were superficial. I had just skimmed the surface of a country or culture.

I only had the photographs as proof I had ticked that destination off my bucket list.

Eiffel Tower. Tick. Done.

Big Ben. Tick. Done.

Oktoberfest. Tick. Done.

But unfortunately there were no deep memories or life lessons retained. I hadn’t dived deep into a new culture or immersed myself in all the new life experiences that were on offer.

Since doing a lot of self-development work I’ve realised getting the most out of an experience hinges on being mindful, in both life and travel.

Wanderlust is overflowing with tips on how to be mindful before, during and after your holiday.

By implementing a mindfulness practice into my globe-trotting adventures, I now have enriching travel experiences that are 100% fulfilling.

It works for me.

And I know it will work for you.

How does Wanderlust work?

Wanderlust is an interactive guide jam-packed full of wisdom and thought-provoking questions aimed to get your mind firing and your wanderlust wishes soaring.

This beautifully designed e-guide is broken up into three easy to navigate sections including:

  1. Pre-Departure Prep
  2. During Your Travels
  3. Post Holiday Tips & Tricks

Wanderlust will walk you through all the steps for pre-departure, during your amazing time away and post-holiday to make sure you get the most out of your travel experience.

The key to Wanderlust is that it will support and guide you on how to approach your travel adventure ‘mindfully.’

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This is not just a guide to skim over, contemplate and then shelve. It’s vital that you’re willing to embrace the concepts and put them into practice, particularly when you’re on the road. Implementation really is the key to you having a life changing travel experience!

Wanderlust has been shaped in a way that you can easily refer to the relevant sections at every stage of your travel experience, and the digital download means you can have it stored on any device for quick and easy access.

You also receive a number of thoughtfully crafted journal prompts to help you go on a journey of self-discovery!

You will love it!

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When will it be yours?

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