“Before working with Ainslie I was feeling so worn out and the passion I had for my business was diminishing. I knew things had to change and I wanted to find a different way!

I was working with high-maintenance clients who I always felt like I had to please. I also worked weekends and I didn’t have a social life or pursue any of my passions. My business was doing ok, but I just couldn’t see how I could scale without me completely burning out!

During the 4 months I worked with Ainslie I experienced exponential growth, both personally and professionally.
In terms of my business I became booked out with my dream clients (and I’m still booked out despite COVID-19), nearly tripled my income compared to the previous financial year and I have been offered many great speaking and mentoring opportunities that have helped increase my visibility and expand my network.

I was also able to experience far more pleasure in my business and take advantage of the freedom that being my own boss affords me. For example I was able to go on multiple holidays, visit my favourite museums during my ‘working days’ and get back into my passion of painting and do more barre classes….all without guilt, as I know that being in my pleasure is great for business!”