“When I first connected with Ainslie I was feeling quite exhausted and a little disheartened after consistently putting out great content and pushing for months and months to attract more coaching clients, with only some success. I was also at a cross roads with my design business and knew something had to change. In my personal life, I was lacking energy and unhappy with my weight.

As a result of working with Ainslie I’m focused and have direction of what I can offer and deliver to my coaching clients – and that feels amazing! Becoming clear on my ‘why,’ my original vision, and uncovering my ideal client has been invaluable. Ainslie also helped me craft signature programs with feels great!

Even my friends have noticed that I’ve increased my enthusiasm around my coaching business and have clearer direction on where I am going.

Separate to my coaching business I’ve lost 6kg making a change to my diet and I’ve found much needed direction around my design business and I know where I would like to go with it. Overall, working with Ainslie was an awesome experience!”