“I achieved so much working with Ainslie, and I felt amazing after every single mentoring session! I literally danced around the house with inspiration.

By the end of the mentoring series I had worked through the resistance I had to launching my business. I was anxious about putting myself out there on social media and felt like my website copy and blog articles were not good enough. Ainslie provided amazingly valuable tasks and worksheets to help with this and within the first few weeks I had a completely different mindset around being visible.

Ainslie taught me how to make launching my business a pleasurable experience instead of one I went into, thinking it was going to be difficult. The other really important point is that I started to find a much better balance of using my masculine and feminine energy in how I work. I had so much going on and was always in the hustle mode, working without breaks and ticking tasks off lists, just to get things done. I knew I needed to find a better balance and Ainslie gave me the tools to do that.

Thanks to Ainslie I’m stepping more into the feminine side of business. In myself, I feel calmer, happier and inspired. I feel I’m on the right track and much more connected to myself. I’m learning how to listen to my body more and I feel healthier in body and mind.

Ainslie‚Äôs combination of skills in marketing, online business, coaching and feminine embodiment is unique and much needed. She has an incredible energy and is extremely knowledgeable, freely sharing all of her practical tools and lived experience. Ainslie has been an amazing support throughout launching my business and I would absolutely without a doubt recommend her to everyone! Thank you so much for a meaningful and inspiring experience.”