“I have been self-employed for 17 years and I have had a number of different businesses during this time. When I worked with Ainslie I really wanted help to weave all of my qualifications and passions together and take my Relationship and Intimacy Coaching business to the next level.

I knew I had to be more visible and share my work through my writing, but because English isn’t my first language I was apprehensive! But with Ainslie’s guidance and coaching, I have been able to achieve so many great things I never knew were possible including:

– Becoming a feature writer for Sassy Hong Kong which helped to significantly grow my newsletter list and led to more client sessions,

– Having paid writing gigs for other platforms, across multiple countries sharing my expertise on relationships and intimacy,

– Being a regular expert guest on radio shows, podcasts, online summits and regularly being featured in online platforms and print newspapers including the South China Morning Post (even though I’m based in Spain now!)

– I also regularly run SOLD OUT workshops online and in person and I’m a guest speaker on panels.

Ainslie has this amazing ability to encourage you to turn your resistance or challenge into an incredibly powerful and positive ripple effect for your business. You’ll look back on your time together and be amazed at what you have achieved!”