‘When I first started my coaching series, I was really struggling with the new structure in my life around my job, taking my health to the next level, and giving myself the time I needed to dive into my studies. Ainslie helped me set really powerful goals that lit me up and got me excited to dive in. During my coaching series I went through one of the toughest experiences of my life. Ainslie’s grace, compassion and belief helped me move through that period in my life. Even my husband and family remarked that they were in awe of the way I faced the recent challenges. As a result of coaching with Ainslie I’ve deepened my self-love practice, removed those heavy feelings of guilt, and developed an incredible level of trust in the natural flow of life. This has been profound in how I live my life. I’m so appreciative of everything Ainslie has done, said, and given in order for me to become so incredibly happy in my own skin. I feel more joy than I’ve felt before and often catch myself smiling for no apparent reason, other than I love my life!”