“After graduating from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I wanted to learn how to effectively and authentically promote my business online, as I had no content creation or promotion strategies. I also wanted help creating really unique packages that stood out and showcased all of my skills and expertise.

After working with Ainslie I am SO much clearer on my niche and as a result I’ve secured more clients! I now have beautiful offerings (my Signature Services) that I’m really proud of and excited by because they draw on my unique gifts. I have more knowledge overall of how to use social media more effectively – I learnt so much! I also have a plan of attack for blogging and promoting thanks to Ainslie teaching me about an editorial calendar.

Ainslie made me work really hard, but was always encouraging and understanding. She was great at providing critical feedback and suggestions on my work in a really gentle way. My series was a wonderful combination of coaching and consulting. Ainslie is a great coach!”