“Fun, Empowering, Transformational. That’s exactly how I’d describe my time working with Ainslie. Prior to our partnership I was looking at how to shift my business model from one that was depleting and draining to one that was smarter and more efficient.

Since working with Ainslie I have totally reevaluated how I see myself in business. Last year I was running myself ragged, working hard plus putting so much time into my social media and blogs. There was no structure and not enough time for me. Interestingly whilst the COVID-19 scenario could have been a disaster, it was not for me, it helped me crystalise what was important. It allowed me to really stop and pause and think about what I wanted to do.

Also, my audience has commented that my approach to marketing is now more organised and my content is more interesting and engaging. And it was great using Ainslie’s embodied launch formula to launch my Facebook Group – within a few days I had over 60 women join the group.

I wanted a cheerleader who would support me along the way and I got exactly that. My mentoring experience felt fun, it felt challenging but most of all it felt empowering. It was a huge investment in myself and I came out of feeling very different. Ainslie has a great way of bringing me back to the point, to hearing what I say and seeing in that something that perhaps I am missing myself. I felt totally heard and seen. Which was exactly what I needed.”