“Prior to working with Ainslie I had lost the desire and passion for my work and I was unsure what direction to take my coaching business. Also, I was still unclear on my ideal client and I was struggling with marketing my business online and locally.

During our time together Ainslie really helped me to connect with my authenticity (which really shone through in all of my content) and we unearthed the women who I truly want to work with. She was also able to help me organise all of my many product and service ideas into a solid sales funnel.

Through tapping into more of my feminine energy and using my body as a compass, Ainslie helped me to enhance my confidence and I stepped out of my comfort zone (including running workshops and seminars for hundreds of sorority students at the local college!). I have also started to receive requests for major collaborations and this makes me so pumped!

I soaked up every piece of business and feminine embodiment advice Ainslie gave me and it all helped lift my coaching business to the next level. She listens so deeply and puts my ideas together like a puzzle. And I am forever grateful she taught me the power of pleasure in both life and business. I love working with Ainslie (that’s why I have worked with her multiple times!).”