“I expected support and growth working with Ainslie, but I received so much more.

I was struggling with clarity about my business direction and it’s offerings and Ainslie really helped me to narrow these down, resulting in me being very clear about my business growth, niche and offers.

Through Ainslie’s mentoring she challenged me to look deep inside myself while making the experience such fun and a true pleasure. I wouldn’t be in the place I am now and have made the progress I have without her by my side.

Ainslie is the ultimate cheerleader and she seamlessly adapted each session to where I was at and what was happening in my life. She has a unique ability to weave together business strategy, feminine embodiment and spirituality and as a result I am now much more confident about my business, my strengths and the direction I’m heading in. This experience was so much more than just growing my business but growing me too!”