In this week’s blog post we dive into how you can easily and effectively open yourself up to support, so you can create a successful and sustainable business.

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If you’ve read my work, you may know that I’m all about ‘leaning back,’ doing less and working smarter rather than harder.

However, when it comes to support, I lean in. And I LEAN IN, BIG TIME.

It’s not uncommon when we start out in business to feel that we should ‘go it alone’ and work out every little aspect of our businesses ourselves. Also, when cash flow is tight, reaching out for and investing in support rather than implementing strategy may seem indulgent.

But here’s the thing – being open to and receiving support in our businesses is a key ingredient to the feminine fuel that creates a sustainable and successful business

Feminine Business Support

When I’m putting an offer out into the world or moving in a new direction I lean into all the support that is on offer to me.

As my mentor, Jenna Ward, keenly pointed out, we have an abundance of support surrounding us and it’s up to us to let this support prop us up and give us a solid foundation to work from.

We are not alone!

Even though I come from a very masculine way of doing business, I have always been open to asking for help and receiving support from various professionals, friends and fellow women in business.

I have learned that having continual support offers me depth, connection, varied perspectives, fresh ideas and lights a fire within me, to really get hungry and move in the direction I want to go.

And the thing is, support means different things to different people.

++ You may prefer 1:1 support or support from many in a group capacity.

++ You may pay a professional to support you or you may look for free options.

++ Structure and consistency may be key factors when you look to welcome in support or maybe one off and a more free flowing supportive environment is your jam.

I thought it could be helpful to share my experience of welcoming in support, in all forms, plus a few key tips to make them work for you.

So here are 4 practical ways you can create consistent support in your business, allowing you to flourish:

1.Informal Business Women’s Circle

When I first moved to Asia I was a part of an informal women’s circle (we actually called it our ‘Moon Circle’). This circle was key to making me feel safe and supported in my new home and thankfully, some of these women are still my closest friends!

In terms of the structure of this group, there were between 4-6 business women and we met every Friday at a cozy little café. We met for around 1-2 hours and we would each share our highs and lows of the week in life and business.

I can’t tell you how supportive this was for me both personally and professionally. The opportunity to have other women just hold space for me, provide a different perspective or give me some encouragement (and a hug) was priceless!


If you have a few women in your life who you regularly talk business with, why not create your own circle?

What made this experience potent was the consistency of our meet ups and the mix of women. Also, we had a very loose structure, which ensured we all got something out of it (and we didn’t chat and get off topic too much!). I really loved the relaxed approach to this circle because it made it oh so nourishing.

2.    Accountability Partner

If you’re one of those women who needs someone to keep you accountable and on track, (I’m totally raising my hand!), then having an accountability partner is amazing!

Earlier this year my great friend and embodiment coaching colleague, suggested we partner up and keep each other accountable with what we were working towards in both life and business.

This has been one of my favourite support systems to date and I love my friend even more as a result.

How does it work?

Again, a loose structure works well with this type of support. We check in at the start of the week via WhatsApp voice message with the following:

  1. What are our 3 Most Important Tasks (MIT’s) for the week (what do we want to tick off by the end of the week),
  2. What we are bragging about – this gives us an opportunity to really celebrate ourselves and what we have achieved in both our businesses and personal lives,
  3. What we are grateful for (always a winner!),
  4. What we are calling in (what we are ‘magnetising into our businesses….clients, income level, a desired feeling etc’).

We also continually check in with each other throughout the week to see how each other are tracking and to provide further support. Finally, at the end of the week we provide each other with a wrap up!


++ Choose a communication platform that you like and that is easy for both of you to access. WhatsApp is great for my friend and I but you may prefer email, Facebook Messenger or even an in person catch up.

++ Have a structure for your ‘check ins.’ This gives your ‘check ins’ more potency. Plus it removes some of the mental load when it comes to sharing as well as it aligns with you planning out your work week.

3.    Work with a mentor or coach

So this is probably no surprise, but having 1:1 support in the form of a coach or mentor is so juicy and incredibly supportive.

Since starting my entrepreneurial adventure more than seven years ago, I have continually worked with a number of different coaches, consultants and mentors (you can see some of them here).

I know that I am a person who has an external locus of control – meaning I need someone to help keep me accountable when working towards my goals. So for me it makes perfect sense to invest in 1:1 support to help propel myself forward.


++ Trust your intuition!

Seek out a coach or mentor who you resonate with and you admire the way they operate personally and professionally. If you have a slight inkling that they aren’t the right person for you, trust that and keep looking.

In my experience working with numerous coaches and mentors, I have had incredible, impactful coaching journeys….except for one! And that particular coaching experience was awful and to be honest, it scarred me! (To the point, if I hear a particular English accent, I shudder lol).

But I want to share this as a reminder to let your heart lead you to the perfect coaching/mentoring partnership, so you receive the deep support that you deserve.

4.     Business Mastermind Group

If you relish support that is more formal and in a group setting, a Mastermind could be the way forward for you.

Over the years, I have been a part of a number of paid, unpaid, facilitated and non-facilitated masterminds and I have gained so much from every experience.

There are so many supportive benefits of being a part of a mastermind.

The only thing I miss from my corporate career is being a part of a team. I find that when I am a part of a mastermind I have ‘team members’ and I’m not alone in this crazy up and down adventure of entrepreneurship.

This year I have been a part of a Feminine Leadership Mastermind run by Jenna Ward. It has been absolutely epic, and I have gained so much from the experience.

Having the support of my mentor, plus the support of three other phenomenal women has been so incredibly expansive on many levels.

Being a part of this mastermind has yes, helped me to stay accountable to my goals, (I’m experiencing the most pleasure and success in my business ever). But it has provided me with a new, deeper approach to my work, which is firing me up to really express and be seen.

But probably the key gift this mastermind experience has given me is deep, aligned friendships that inspire and fuel me to keep dreaming big. I now have an embodied sense that I can and I will continue to make waves, doing business my way, and earning great money!

And it was thanks to this Mastermind and the individual and collective support of the other women, that I can operate and flourish in this way.


++ Similar to my tips on working with a coach or mentor, really tune into who is running the mastermind and what support they can offer you. Do you resonate with them and their flavour of work?

++ Also, consider the number of women who may be a part of the mastermind. Are you after a large group of women to expand your business horizons or do you desire a more intimate and supportive experience?

++ Another thing to feel into is the mastermind’s structure. Do you crave a solid structure with certain business topics and learning outcomes or are you more open to a flowing experience?


I’m not backward in coming forward when I say support is THE strategy that has got me to where I am today in business.

Yes I have a marketing, strategy and psychology background with a whole heap of other qualifications.

And yes, I implement what I learn and put my new knowledge and skills into practice.

But if I didn’t actively and consistently call in support I would be continually getting in my own way and my business would be stalling.

Leaning into support is smart.

It allows you to work smarter, not harder (because who wants to recreate the wheel?) and it makes life and business so much sweeter.

If you’re feeling the desire to open yourself up to some sweet support I may have something that you’re interested in?!

Feminine Business Mastermind – Commencing July 2019


Feminine Business Mastermind

I’m so excited to finally be sharing this!

The Feminine Business Mastermind is for women who are committed to doing business differently.

It’s for women who want to revel in the delight and pleasure of working smarter, rather than harder.

It’s for women who are wildly open to embodying feminine leadership to run successful and sustainable businesses on their own terms.

It’s for women who are committed to going deep, eager for connection and willing to stretch, expand and GROW!

Starting in July and running through to December 2019, this mastermind experience will be intimate, juicy and potent.

You’ll receive 6 months of both 1:1 mentoring and group coaching all while exploring feminine leadership topics coupled with customised business strategy so you can truly flow and flourish in your business.

This Feminine Business Mastermind is for Leaders.

Those who want to step into a new, more magnetic and easeful way of doing business.

If this sounds like you, I would love to have a chat and share more of the delicious details about the mastermind experience.

You can book in a time for us to chat HERE.

There are only a small number of places available for this mastermind, and we are starting in July, so if this experience is resonating with you, don’t miss out.

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