This week my big adventure was to the working class neighbourhood of Sham Shui Po over on Kowloon side.

It was hot, humid and a ridiculous amount of fun!

The minute my friend Lisa and I ventured out of the MTR the street hustle hit us and we found ourselves in the middle of the Apliu Street Flea Market.

We quickly skipped the second-hand electronics and other treasures within the jumble sale of goods and made our way around the intersecting streets off Cheung Sha Wan Road.

If you have the desire to do something crafty or creative this is the place to come!

Along the streets you will find an array of wholesale fabrics, feathers, ribbons, tassles, pom-pom’s, zippers, cottons, beads, jewels, buttons, leather, handbag accessories. The list is endless.

If you want it, a teeny-tiny shop in Sham Shui Po will have it!

(For my friends at home, it’s nothing like Spotlight or Lincraft, so drop any expectations!).


sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-34sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-6sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-23sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-33sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-2sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-12 sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-11sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-27sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-21sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-18 sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-15

Sham Shui Po is one of Hong Kong’s oldest districts and apparently not much has changed since the 1960’s.

I loved the rough-and-ready vibe and the gritty exterior.

Wandering around the urban streets it’s easy to get a sense of what old Hong Kong was like.

I found myself always looking up – admiring the old-school architecture, oversized and dilapidated signs and of course checking out everyone’s washing!


It makes sense that this is where all the fashion designers come to source their materials and that’s why Lisa was there!

Lisa owns the fashion retail store Lo & Behold in Melbourne and she is in the midst of creating her own label, which is super exciting!

We had so much fun discovering new places for printed and woolen fabric as well as leather and accessories suppliers.

sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-32sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-19sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-10 sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-9sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-3sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-4sham-shui-po-hong-kong-starting-with-a-13Once we thought we had seen every type of raw creative material possible we stumbled across an amazing crystal shop.

We literally squealed with glee and then foraged through the bright and shiny pieces of spiritual gold! We got the shop’s business card so we know exactly where to return when we want our fix of rose quartz and the like.

We finished our brilliant day certain that we will be back to Sham Shui Po, sooner rather than later!

Where: Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

How to get there: Catch the MTR to Sham Shui Po station and take exit C1 for Cheung Sha Wan Road. 

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