In a previous post I discussed the importance of self-care and the crazy excuses we all come up with in order to NOT take care of ourselves.

I also mentioned in my weekly newsletter that the month of April is all about ME!

I’m really focusing in on taking care of my physical, emotional and spiritual health and a big part of this for me is upping my self-care.

But I want you to remember (me included) that self-care isn’t something you do sporadically.

It’s constant.

You need to continually cultivate positive self-care habits, which aim to ensure your entire body is functioning at its optimal level, every-single-day!

Now that we know the importance of self-care and have identified the limiting beliefs around why we don’t put our needs first, I thought I could help you take action and provide a bounty of self-care activities that you can apply to your life right now!

I’ve created 31 self-care activities….so there’s at least one for everyday of the month. I’m keen to give each one a go and see how it helps to boost both my self-love and self-worth.

Take a look below at my ‘Self-Care Collection’ and select your favourite actions that you can implement into your life this week!


The Self-Care Collection

  1. Upgrade something that’s been bugging you in your lifeneed a new toothbrush? Go buy one! Haven’t hung that awesome motivational poster on your wall? Decorate your space ASAP!
  2. Start a meditation practice and enjoy being still. All you have to do is start small and build from there.
  3. Get creative when preparing your meals. Make them look aesthetically pleasing and fill them with love,
  4. Unplug and do a digital detox for a day or even the whole weekend,
  5. Be conscious and make decisions based on your heart rather than your head,
  6. Connect with the grounding force of Mother Nature and lay on the grass and watch the clouds roll through the sky,
  7. Take yourself out on a date, whether it’s to a movie you’ve been dying to see, enjoy a meal at your favourite restaurant or wander around your local art gallery and marvel at the beauty,
  8. Try something new and a bit ‘woo-woo’ like book in for an energy healing session or a psychic reading,
  9. Tick something that’s been annoying you off your ‘to-do’ list and create a sense of achievement,
  10. Take time to do some deep stretching whilst you watch your latest Netflix obsession,
  11. Surround yourself with your ‘tribe’ and let their collective and positive energy lift you up,
  12. Have a private dance party, bust out to your favourite tunes and fill your body with electrifying endorphins,
  13. Flick through old photos either in a good-old photo album or on Facebook and enjoy reliving fantastic memories,
  14. Do a mini de-clutter and tidy up a space in your home that’s become slightly or totally out of control,
  15. Whilst on the subject of de-cluttering, go through your wardrobe and get rid of clothing items you haven’t worn in a long time and donate them to charity,
  16. Pamper yourself at home by dry brushing before you bathe, giving yourself a facial or paint your nails a pretty hue,
  17. Eat a meal outside and soak up the sun and fresh air,
  18. Go slow – have a day a week where you have no plans and take each hour as it comes,
  19. Book yourself into a class or workshop you’ve been eyeing off – it could be aerial yoga, a raw cooking class or a calligraphy workshop,
  20. Be kind and help someone out – open the door for them, give them a warm smile or a genuine compliment,
  21. Sleep in or take a nap when you need one,
  22. Pretend you are your best friend and pay yourself at least five compliments….and maybe even do it whilst looking into the mirror!
  23. Have a really good belly laugh – find some funny YouTube videos or call up your hilarious friend,
  24. Write in a journal – jot down all of your thoughts, feelings, worries, ideas, dreams and desires with intention,
  25. Play around a bit – take a child like approach to things and just ‘play,’
  26. Remove yourself from negativity – cull negative people on your social media feeds,
  27. Make a gratitude list and write down everything in your life you deeply appreciate,
  28. Buy yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers and enjoy their fragrance, beauty and presence in your home,
  29. Light your favourite candle, brew yourself a cup of tea and read a chapter of your book,
  30. Create a morning routine that nourishes you and stick to it,
  31. Give yourself a break, mentally and physically – stop trying to ‘do it all’ and be everything to everyone!


Even when you pay just a small bit of attention to your self-care you will notice an improvement in your life.

You’ll feel more connected to your surroundings, the people in your life, your purpose and most importantly yourself!


So which self-care activities are you keen to incorporate into your life ASAP?

I’d love to hear them in the comment section below!

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