Happy Friday to you!

This week has been short and swift.

But a short week is a good week, right?

I managed to pack a fair bit in, including a catchup lunch with my entrepreneurial friend Lisa, a Facebook strategy session for the Australian Hong Kong Association with my pal Liz (who also blogs) and a mercy mission with Carla to try and resurrect her bridesmaid dresses that she had made locally…unfortunately that didn’t work out so we commiserated the loss with a few wines!

I spent a LOT of time editing my photos from Phu Quoc which you can see below and I got down and dirty in Sheung Wan’s famous Seafood Street.

Seafood Street, Hong Kong

Before the MTR (fast train) arrived on my doorstep I spent a lot of time seeing the sights of my local area by foot, bus and the famous ding-ding trams.

I often wandered past the plethora of dried seafood shops on De Vouex Road West and stared in amazement, (whilst holding my nose), at the locals who were buying up big.

If you ever visit this animated street, expect to find exotic delicacies such as shark fin, dried shrimp, puffer fish, black moss, dried snakeskin, Chinese dried sausage and the banquet favourite of abalone.

(Plus much much more….I just don’t know what all of it is!).

I thought I best get in and take a few photos of Seafood Street before the madness of Chinese New Year is upon is.

You can enjoy the sights below, without the smell….you lucky devil!

starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-19starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-12starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-14starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-15starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-13starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-11starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-17starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-18starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-10starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-20starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-8starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-3 starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-6starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-1starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-9starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-2starting-with-a-seafood-street-hong-kong-21

Where: Seafood Street, Hong Kong Island

How to get there: Take MTR to Sheung Wan station, Exit A2. Follow the signs….and the smell!

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Our long weekend getaway to Phu Quoc was the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.

The real reason we were in Phu Quoc was to celebrate a friend’s 40th Birthday.

For me the weekend was a great chance to learn more about living abroad.

All of the Birthday guests were expats and had flown in from Saigon, Singapore and Shanghai, each with a very unique and intriguing story to tell.

We got to know each other over long lunches at the Beach Bar, afternoon Happy Hours, beautiful breakfasts at the On The Rocks Restaurant and of course the flowing champagne and tequila shots brought us closer at the birthday festivities.

A big thank you to the fabulous Marnie for including us in your special celebration!

You can read more about our Vietnam getaway here.


Next week I plan to find some Chinese New Year festivities to photograph!

See you on Monday for the next round of + Blog Shelf +.

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