Lately it’s been ridiculously hot here in Hong Kong, which means I haven’t spent a great deal of time outside (read, pretty much no time!).

After some blistering hot days (we had our hottest August day ever recorded on Saturday!) the clouds rolled over and I decided to take a stroll around my neighbouring suburb of Sai Ying Pun.

The buzzing neighbourhood of Sai Ying Pun is a short walk from my apartment in Kennedy Town and it’s full of cool street art.

I knew there were a few cool art works in Leung I Fong Lane but the more I investigated the more interesting things I found!

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As I walked around my eyes were bouncing off walls, across streets, down staircases spotting all different kinds of murals, paintings, religious offerings and cute hanging gardens.

The hanging gardens are a community initiative of Go Green SYP who encourage local Sai Ying Pun residents to take a plant and make their own ‘air-hanging plant’ at home.

I particularly love this community group’s message, ‘Sharing is a Virtue!’


I kept exploring and I ended up down back alleyways taking photos around old men who were either taking out the rubbish or sitting on a small stool having a smoke.

I expected them to maybe yell at me, but none of them did.

The streets of Sai Ying Pun are always busy and I love how ‘Old Hong Kong’ this neighbourhood is.

There are multiple tiny fruit shops, fragrant dry cleaners and gritty looking mechanic workshops.

I got really excited when I saw some old school mailboxes, which are synonymous with Hong Kong!

sai-ying-pun-street-art-starting-with-a-blogsai-ying-pun-street-art-starting-with-a-blog-29sai-ying-pun-street-art-starting-with-a-blog-24sai-ying-pun-street-art-starting-with-a-blog-6 sai-ying-pun-street-art-starting-with-a-blog-8sai-ying-pun-street-art-starting-with-a-blog-25sai-ying-pun-street-art-starting-with-a-blog-31

Sai Ying Pun is a part of Hong Kong Western District and definitely is THE up-and-coming area of the island (as well as K-Town!).

New bars and restaurants are continually opening along the narrow, hilly streets and are filled with young professionals and expats who have made this area their home.

The recent opening of the MTR also makes the suburb even more appealing!


My slow amble around Sai Ying Pun abruptly ended as the heavens opened up and I couldn’t manage holding my umbrella and taking photos at the same time!

But I did enjoy my short and sweet adventure and I hope on the flipside you found my images interesting!

Do you know of any other street art I missed in Sai Ying Pun? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out!

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