I believe that the masculine AND the feminine are equally important in business.

I also believe that we can use our feminine strengths, our cyclic nature and our feminist principles as business assets in the online world.

I believe that experiencing pleasure in our lives and businesses leads to juicy productivity.

And I believe, whole-heartedly, that when we ditch the constant hustle and grind and tap into our body’s wisdom (hello pleasure + magnetism!), we will create successful and sustainable businesses.

But did you know that there’s something getting in our way of achieving wild, pleasure-filled success in business…..and it’s not us?!

Introducing you to…

The Patriarchy + Productivity Demons

As a result of the patriarchy and ‘productivity demons’ we, as womxn in business, have been conditioned to:

  • Honour the hustle and grind, making it the only path to business success,
  • Glorifying “busy” and that we, ourselves need to do #allthethings
    Believe that ‘burn out’ is a rite of passage in business,
  • Operate as if productivity is key and pleasure is bad, Push down or push past our ‘female’ emotions and let our heads dictate our actions,

And this ‘Pleasure-Bypassing’ and turning OFF our Body Wisdom undermines our feminine ability to welcome in business success with ease and joy.

But there is another way….

  • A way where we can be smart, savvy and soulful,
  • A way where we can combine both our heads and our hearts when navigating this wild business ride,
  • A way where we can cleverly couple solid business strategies and frameworks with our intuitive knowing, magnetism and cyclic power.

Hi, I’m Ainslie

Hi, I’m Ainslie Young and I’m a Feminine Embodiment Business Mentor and Coach and I help you embrace and use both your masculine and feminine strengths so you can create and run a wildly successful and deeply pleasurable business.

I specialise in working with female leaders in business who want to work smarter, not harder, without getting drawn into the current patriarchal trends of hustle and grind when it comes to doing business, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction.

Instead I show you how to combine the masculine ‘go’ with the feminine ‘flow’ and together we can navigate the ‘patriarchy and productivity demons’ that rise up when we start to feel we aren’t enough in life and business.

Coming from a very masculine way of doing things and being a Type A perfectionist, people pleaser and over achiever, it’s no surprise that I’ve faced burn out multiple times.

But enough was enough and I needed something deeper. Something that was sourced from my body…to level out my highly strategic and analytical mind.

Enter Feminine Embodiment.

This rich and somatic body of work dove-tailed beautifully with my ‘heady’ degrees in psychology and marketing.

Finding feminine embodiment was like finally locating the missing puzzle piece to my life and business. It was that magical! You can read more here.

So if you lead with your head but you know your heart desperately wants to be heard…. please know that I feel you and I see you.

My work is all about…

Less hustle. More heart.
Less pain. More pleasure.
Less stress. More success.

This work is for you if you’re:

  • A woman who is yearning for a different way to do business (ie HER way),
  • A woman who wants to experience pleasure AND productivity on a daily basis while running a successful and sustainable business,
  • A woman who is seeking high level support in the form of personal mentoring + coaching, pinpointing her blocks (and liberating them) so she can embody an epic upgrade in her feminine leadership and business success,
  • A woman who has been in business for 2+ years, working with paying clients and who is ready to swiftly uplevel her income and magnetise her dream clients,
  • A woman who is open to embracing powerful feminine embodiment tools and practices combined with proven marketing strategies and frameworks so she can access the lush benefits of both the masculine and feminine constructs in business,

Here’s how we can partner together!

1:1 Private Business Mentoring: Pleasurable Productivity & Ravishing Revenue

As a part of your Pleasurable Productivity and Ravishing Revenue Mentoring Program you will experience 4 months of 1:1 high level and impactful mentoring and coaching.

Get ready to go deep…..because together we’ll uncover your most aligned and transformative direction so your business soars.


During our partnership you will learn and experience:

  • Key feminine embodiment tools,
  • Feminine leadership principles relevant to your business as well as
  • Solid business frameworks and marketing strategies (think soulful and successful launch strategies, crafting signature services and offerings, penning effective copy and creating content that connects).


And all of these tools and practices are applied through a feminist marketing lens (no icky sales tactics here!)

Your Inclusions:

  • 1 x 90 minute intensive mentoring session where together we go deep and get crystal clear on your dreams for life and business and we’ll craft embodied business goals and a success strategy just for you. Within this session you’ll also receive training in a key feminine embodiment tool, Moving Meditation.
  • 7 x 60 minute Laser focused Mentoring Sessions where we can continue to work on your internal personal mastery using Feminine Embodiment tools while building strong and sustainable frameworks in your business.

What this may look and feel like for you:

  • Applying your very own Heroine’s Journey to your business, offerings and embodied expression so together we can craft signature services, launches, marketing copy and embodied expression pieces all while using feminist marketing principles.
  • Mapping out your Unique Cycles (your energy, menstrual cycle and lunar cycle) and crafting a Feminine Leadership Mistress Schedule allowing you to work smarter not harder. (HINT – you’ll get more done, with less effort!)
  • Calibrating your body and creating a sacred container for a successful and easeful launch.
  • Uncovering and liberating your personal barriers to pleasure so you can continually cultivate pleasure in your business, letting it fuel your success.
  • Diving into the super powerful tool of magnetism and exploring how you can use

And so much more….we will customise your mentoring sessions to your specific desires.

  • 1 x 30 Minute Soul Support session to be used at any time within the 4 months we partner together,
  • Professional Copy Editing Service on your sales and marketing content so you feel completely embodied with your expression and confident communicating your work,
  • A coaching session ‘Prep Form’ where you keep me updated prior to our fortnightly coaching sessions. I’ll do my own prep and set our agenda based on your business priorities so we can jump straight into doing the work!
  • Access to your own customised ‘Embodied Business’ folder containing a suite of potent resources, signature worksheets, and done-for-you templates that will make magnetising dream clients, crafting your new service offerings, writing feminist marketing copy for your business and working with your unique cycles an enlightening and joyful experience. (Let’s work smarter, not harder!).
  • Email and Whatsapp Voice Message Support in between sessions to help keep your momentum going and vibes high.


++ Complimentary access to my in-house ‘Copy That Connects and Converts’ Online
Training valued at $299 USD. Complete with 11 bite sized tutorials and over 3 hours worth of dedicated copywriting training and specific worksheets.

And my wish for you…

DEPTH first. DIRECTION second.

When we as womxn devote to going deep our most aligned action appears and we move into the lush and feminine states of flow, pleasure and magnetism.

When we as womxn combine our receptivity, cyclic nature and intuitive bodies with our masculine drive and strategic minds, we WILL create and run successful and sustainable businesses.

Businesses that truly impact the world.
Businesses that nourish and support us while nourishing the ones we love.
Businesses that bring us pleasure, joy and abundance.
Businesses with epic depth and heart.

I dearly desire this for you.

If you’re feeling a full body ‘YES’ and you’d like to know how we can partner together,
then I’d love to invite you on to a 30 minute call so we can explore your business desires!

Let’s Partner Together! - Book in your