Prioritise your pleasure. Liberate your body and business.

Create a wildly pleasurable and successful business
without burning out & selling out your soul.

Prioritise your pleasure. Liberate your body and business.

Create a wildly pleasurable and successful business
without burning out & selling out your soul.

I believe pleasure is our birthright and when it comes to business, it’s not optional, it’s an absolute necessity.

☆ I believe pleasure, not pain, is the best and truest measure of success - how pleasurable is your business, your life, your day-to-day experiences?

☆ I believe
when we experience the full force of pleasure we activate our infinite power. We do things we never thought were possible!

☆ I also believe pleasure can unlock our deeper purpose, reigniting the passion for our work and allowing us to create impact driven businesses with heart.

☆ I believe
prioritising pleasure in our lives and businesses leads to juicy, unexpected levels of productivity = you do far less and achieve more.

☆ And I believe
, whole-heartedly, that when we ditch the constant hustle and grind and tap into our pleasure + magnetism we'll create successful and sustainable businesses with less effort and welcome in luscious prosperity in all facets of our lives.

But did you know that there’s something getting in our way of achieving wild, pleasure-filled success in business…..and it’s not us?!

Introducing you to...


We go into business full of passion and for the promise of greater freedom.

We want to escape ‘working for the man’ and being a slave to the 9-5 model of life.

But as you know, and thanks to Patriarchal and Toxic Capitalistic conditioning, owning and running your own business takes up A LOT of space (even when we love what we do).

Being a business owner means we can’t necessarily switch off after 5pm….as there’s a substantial mental load that goes along with entrepreneurship.


From the creation and responsibility of cash flow, sales, systems, marketing, administration, customer/client relations, contractors, staff….and actually delivering your service, there’s so much to hold!

So much of the ‘doing’ takes up considerable space in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

And when it all becomes too much to hold, what do we do?


And the idea of experiencing any type of joy, excitement, creativity, pleasure, relaxation, freedom becomes a distant memory.


We can become bitter and resentful about our original longing to create a business that offers us freedom.


We can feel trapped, contracted and in lack.


And while we’re pushing through we’re telling ourselves that our health, our well being and our pleasure are things we’ll take care of or experience when we FINALLY hit our goals.


But here’s the thing….that ‘when’ never comes.


You don’t ever reach your destination. You don’t achieve your goals.


Because pain is not the answer.


Overdoing the ‘doing’ is not the answer.


Pushing through and striving for the ‘destination’ is not the answer.


So what is the answer?


Pleasure is not a luxury in business.

Pleasure is an absolute necessity in business.

I know this.

My clients know this.

And I want you to not only know this, but experience it too.







Hi, I'm Ainslie Young and I'm a Feminine Embodiment Business Coach and Pleasure Mentor and I help you embrace rest and relaxation so you can create and run a wildly successful and deeply pleasurable business AND experience a luscious life.

I specialise in working with female leaders in business who want to work smarter, not harder, without getting drawn into the current patriarchal trends of hustle and grind when it comes to doing business, leading to burnout, dissatisfaction and questioning why the heck we went down this path in the first place.

Instead I show you how to combine the masculine 'go' with the feminine 'flow' and together we can navigate the 'patriarchy and productivity demons’ that rise up when we start to feel we aren't enough in life and business.

Coming from a very masculine way of doing things and being a Type A perfectionist, people pleaser and over achiever, it’s no surprise that I’ve faced burn out and a sense of disillusionment multiple times.

But enough was enough and I needed something deeper. Something deeper than mindset work or therapy.

I needed something that was sourced from my body…to level out my highly strategic and analytical mind.


Enter Feminine Embodiment

This rich and somatic body of work dove-tailed beautifully with my ‘heady’ degrees in psychology and marketing.

Finding feminine embodiment (especially embodied pleasure) was like finally locating the missing puzzle piece to my life and business.


It was that magical!


Enter Feminine Embodiment

This rich and somatic body of work dove-tailed beautifully with my ‘heady’ degrees in psychology and marketing.

Finding feminine embodiment (especially embodied pleasure) was like finally locating the missing puzzle piece to my life and business.


It was that magical!


And once I prioritised pleasure I shifted from

  • Everything being about speed. Wanting things ASAP and the magical quick fix that left me with a fleeting and disappointing hit of instant gratification,
  • ⛔ Thinking pleasure was a far flung idea of finally getting to ‘rest’ on summer vacation or a ‘thank god’ once my child went to bed so I could be ‘in peace,’
  • ⛔ Feeling that pleasure was simply having a massage yet not being able to turn my brain off and be present to enjoy the experience,
  • ⛔ Believing I’d feel satisfied once I ticked off all my to-do’s, my inbox was down to zero or the next launch was over….and THEN I could enjoy myself, relax and be rewarded.
  • ⛔ Feeling bitter and resentful about the original longing to create a business that offered me freedom….what freedom!? I felt trapped and fantasised about getting a J.O.B!


To a woman who can experience pleasure…

  • As I open my eyes and welcome a new day with fizzy excitement and anticipation,
  • ✅ As I plan out my week - all the delicious, enriching things I get to experience in life and business…ahh the richness and time is on my side,
  • ✅ In the micro-moments - brushing my daughter’s hair, prepping for client sessions, sipping my morning coffee, washing the dishes,
  • ✅ As I feel the electric pulse of aliveness zipping around my body as I follow my purpose working with clients, creating content, speaking on stage, and even as I do my bookkeeping.
  • ✅ As I experience my own infinite power strutting down the street, deeply knowing I am the GIFT, I am the PRIZE.

My life and my business haven’t changed drastically BUT my devotion and commitment to priorisiting pleasure has.

Pleasure was the antidote to me feeling like a slave to my business…. Feeling shackled and contained with all that we must do.

But I want you to know that we all need and deserve pleasure.

Pleasure is a powerful antidote to the stress, fear, frustration and limitations we feel on a daily basis in business.

Pleasure is life-enriching and it will enrich your business.

So if you’re longing for things to feel easeful, joyful and liberated in your business ….please know that I feel you and I see you.



My work is all about….


Less hustle. More heart.
Less pain. More pleasure.
Less giving. More receiving.
Less stress. More success.




This work is for you if you’re:


++ A woman who is yearning for a different way to do business (ie HER way…from a place of desire and running towards pleasure, rather than running from pain’),

++ A woman who wants to experience pleasure, joy, bliss AND productivity on a daily basis while running a successful and sustainable business,

++ A woman who is seeking high level support in the form of personal mentoring + coaching, pinpointing her blocks (and liberating them) so she can embody an epic upgrade in her feminine leadership and business success (without doing more!),

++ A woman who has an established business, it’s doing ‘well’ but desires something different - a different, more delicious way of working while amplifying her success OR maybe she’s aching to pivot her business or start something completely fresh but is feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start,

++ A woman who is open to embracing powerful feminine embodiment practices and somatic tools as well as mindset work, so she can access the lush benefits of both masculine ‘doing’ and feminine ‘receiving’ so burnout is a challenge of the past.


Here’s how we can partner together!

1:1 Private Mentoring: Pleasure & Prosperity in Business


As a part of your Pleasure & Prosperity Mentoring Program you will experience 4 months of 1:1 high level and impactful mentoring and coaching.


Get ready to go deep…..because together we’ll uncover your most aligned and transformative direction so your business and life soars.


During our partnership you will learn and experience:


Your inclusions:

 ◾1 x 90 minute intensive mentoring session where together we go deep and get crystal clear on your dreams for life and business and we’ll craft embodied business goals and a success strategy just for you. Within this session you’ll also receive training in a key feminine embodiment tool, Moving Meditation.

7 x 60 minute Laser focused Mentoring Sessions where we can continue to work on your internal personal mastery using Feminine Embodiment and mindset tools while building strong and sustainable frameworks in your business.

What this may look and feel like for you:


++ Mapping out your Unique Cycles (your energy, menstrual cycle and lunar cycle) and crafting a Feminine Leadership Season Schedule allowing you to work smarter not harder. (HINT - you’ll get more done, with less effort!)


++ Uncovering and liberating your personal barriers to pleasure so you can continually cultivate pleasure in your daily life and business, letting it effortlessly fuel your success.


++ Using the Pleasure Portal Framework to help us identify where we can amplify your sense of purpose, power, productivity and prosperity, so all aspects of your life and business feel alive, full and exciting.


++ Diving into the super powerful tool of magnetism and exploring how you can use your feminine powers to draw your heart’s desires + dream clients towards you with less ‘efforting and doing.’


And so much more….we will customise your mentoring sessions to your specific desires.

1:1 coaching and mentoring for 4 months with rolling Telegram voice message access & support, all embodied business resources and two transformational deep dives per month.

Fast Action Reward


$9,000 one time payment

For the woman who is ready to commit and wants to be rewarded for going all in

Spacious Success Plan


$3,000 initial deposit and 3 x $2300 USD for 3 months

For the woman who desires more flexibility and freedom in her Feminine Leadership

And my wish for you….. 



When we as women turn the PLEASURE DIAL UP and devote ourselves to going deep, our most aligned action appears and we move into the lush and feminine states of flow, pleasure and magnetism.


When we as women combine our receptivity, cyclic nature and intuitive bodies with our masculine drive and strategic minds, we WILL create and run successful and sustainable businesses.


Businesses that truly impact the world.


Businesses that nourish and support us while nourishing the ones we love.


Businesses that bring us pleasure, joy and abundance.


Businesses with epic depth, purpose and heart.


I dearly desire this for you.





If you’re feeling a full body ‘YES’ and you’d like to know how we can partner together, then I’d love to invite you to book in a

60 minute ‘Pleasure & Prosperity Business Review’

so we can uncover your business desires and exactly what you need to do to achieve them!



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