2015 is all about celebrations and milestones for my family and this week centred on a big surprise I had been planning.

The last time I was back in Australia, (which wasn’t that long ago), was to celebrate my sister’s wedding.

Unfortunately I missed my dad’s 60th Birthday and it was looking like I was going to miss my Pa’s 90th Birthday too.

But a few weeks ago I had major attack of FOMO and felt the need to come back home to celebrate Pa’s significant achievement of turning 90!

Luckily for me I have a very understanding and generous husband who instantly said ‘yes’ to me going home…..even though I will miss his birthday next week. 🙁  (He is the best, love him to bits).

So I bought my ticket, informed Meredith, dad and a few of my friends of my plan and decided to keep it a surprise for mum.


If you know my mum you will understand it’s hard to keep anything from her.

So this meant limiting my skype and whatsapp conversations and always being on guard with what I would discuss (hence the post-it note reminders).

After a delayed flight, a day in Sydney with my sister and a cruisey train trip home, the surprise came off!

starting-with-a-blog-surprise-ainslie-young-7 starting-with-a-blog-surprise-ainslie-young-6

Mum came home from yoga and I jumped out and surprised her. It was all a bit overwhelming – you can see the funny video here on my Facebook timeline!


Now I’m not a baker but my Pa has always loved my cupcakes with pink icing and it’s a bit of a tradition to bake a batch for his Birthday.

Once the excitement and the tears subsided after being re-united with mum, I got straight into the kitchen to bake some cakes!


I’m pleased to report that my cakes where a hit and both my grandparents were excited to see me….and thankfully neither of them had a heart attack!

But I thought my Aunty might have when she walked in and saw me!

I’m so grateful to have this fleeting visit and to have such a wonderful husband and beautiful family.

Hope you have a great weekend.

I’m looking forward to having a dance with my Pa at his party on Sunday!