The Essential Copywriting Skills Mini Series – Designed For Your Online Business Success PART 4

Does this sound familiar?

You have a great content idea in mind, you sit down to write and then your thoughts are all over the place?

You start writing.

Then stop.

You get confused.

Madly delete an entire paragraph and then furiously start re-writing.

You re-read your work and it makes no sense.

You become disillusioned and annoyed.

You think, ‘What’s the point? Who am I to write? I can’t even express this simple idea!’

You then decide to give up!

But you don’t have to! Your simple problem is that you lack clarity.

The first secret to writing copy that connects with and converts your ideal customer or client into a sale is CLARITY!

YOU need to be 100% clear on what you’re writing, to whom and why (plus a few other things that I’ll show you!).

So how do we do this?

We simply do this by having a comprehensive plan.

Now I know it sounds all nerdy, but the POWER IS IN THE PLANNING PEOPLE!

Before you even put pen to paper, or your fingers touch the keyboard you need to be 100% clear on a few key points.

Below I share my secret weapon when it comes to writing copy that connects and converts…and it also makes the writing process a lot easier and more enjoyable!


Create your own ‘Content Power Plan’ by asking yourself these key questions:


Who do I want to connect with?

Think about who is my ideal client/customer/reader?


What’s the purpose of my content?

Is the purpose of your content to educate, entertain, inform, sell to your ideal client/customer?


What do I want them to do?

Do you want your ideal customer/client to download an ebook, purchase a product, comment on my Facebook update, leave a comment to a question I posed in my blog?


What’s my message?

What do you want them to know? Usually you want to share one key message or takeaway for your reader.


How do I want my audience to feel?

This is an important question that many people miss out. Sales are all about EMOTION! Do you want your reader to feel inspired, empowered, excited, understood etc.


When you take the time to plan out your content before you start writing, you’ll find it so much easier to write your content.

This is because you’ll have clarity around who you’re writing for, what you’re writing about and what your actual purpose is!

So the next time you go to write ANY piece of content, whether it’s a blog post, sales page or Facebook status update, use this Content Power Plan to easily organise your thoughts and write copy that connects and converts!


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