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My Coaching Story

emergingaward_ainslieCoaching has always been on my radar.

With a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) under my belt, a keen interest in self-development and getting to know a number of coaches while running my previous business, coaching seemed like a logical step.

But it wasn’t until I left my marketing career in Sydney and relocated to Hong Kong with my husband that I decided I wanted to become a life coach.

Early in 2015 I started my blog and I discovered that I had a passion for writing self-development articles.

I quickly learned that my vulnerability and motivational words really resonated with my readers and I knew coaching was the right path.

Within my first year of coaching I was also short listed as a Finalist for the Emerging Coach of The Year…so I must be doing something right in both coaching and business! 😉


Why I chose the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy

To be frank, I didn’t consider any otheInternationalAward_Ainslie-Youngr coaching course or coaching institute!

It was Beautiful You or nothing.

I don’t take decisions lightly, especially when it comes to spending a lot of money on education. However, I always knew that if I ever wanted to train as a coach, BYCA was it!

Now I don’t want you to think I’m scatty, but I had known Julie Parker, BYCA’s Founder and CEO, through another online business group and had seen her in action in a virtual environment. She was, (and still is), extremely generous with her time, expertise and support and I just had this overwhelming trust that I was making the right decision signing up for the BYCA course.


But I’ll admit that I did have a few reservations….which may resonate with you:

++ ‘Beautiful You’ sounds all lovey-dovey and flowery – that’s not me!

I hear you!

But I want you to know that as soon as I was immersed in the Beautiful You coaching scene I quickly realised that this Academy and everyone involved, including Julie and her brilliant team are the epitomy of beautiful, inside and out. As a proud Certified BY Coach and Affiliate I aways shout my involvement with BYCA loud and proud.

++ Do I have to strictly be a Life Coach?

Not at all!

There are various specialisations within coaching that you can pursue.

Many of the BYCA coaches come from a variety of different professional backgrounds, (dieticians, occupational therapists, photographers, yoga instructors, makeup artists, fashion stylists, business consultants etc.) and they combine their skills and expertise with their coaching qualification.

I’ve found that my coaching qualification has been invaluable when combined with my copywriting and online marketing clients.


Beautiful You Coaching Academy Highlights



To be honest, there are so many highlights to share, but I’ve chosen my Top 7 for you:

1. Coaching Buddy – Having a coaching buddy is the best way to practice and implement your new coaching skills and you quickly build your confidence within a safe and friendly environment. Plus I was lucky enough to be teamed with one of the most amazing girls I know and I now have a life long friend and valued colleague (who I flew to the Gold Coast to hang out with!).

best-beautiful-you-coaching-academy-affiliate-program2. Amazing Support Whilst Learning – I’ve completed MANY courses and qualifcations online and the support you receive from Julie and the BYCA Team is nothing short of incredible. Not once did I feel isolated or ‘stuck’ with my studies (which I thought may have been the case as I was the only student in Hong Kong at the time). Julie and the Trainers are extremely generous with their time, especially on the live coaching calls where you can ask questions and discuss each module in depth.

3. Brilliant Course Content – the course content is unbelievably thorough and if you like structure and strategy (like me!), you will love it! You’re given scripts and templates to help you kickstart your coaching, plus you learn all the ‘ins and outs’ of setting up and promoting your new coaching business. This is invaluable!

4. Community and Connection – Hand on heart, I’ve never experienced such amazing connection online until I became a part of the BYCA community. The Facebook Course group provides ample amount of support, encouragement and advice from both the trainers and fellow coaches, so you’ll never feel alone. I loved our group so much that I even organised separate Google Hangout dates so us Trainee Coaches could deepen our connection and put faces to names. Priceless!

5. Inspiration Days – I made the huge effort and investment to fly from Hong Kong to Melbourne especially for this amazing day – and boy am I glad I did! I felt like I knew everyone already (even though we’d never met in person). Since then I’ve caught up with multiple BYCA coaches online and in person across the world!

BYCAAwards170317-1496. BYCA Awards Night – I’m so proud that I was a finalist in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s Emerging Coach of The Year category! I was honoured to be amongst such fine coaching company in this category and it was a joy travelling back to Melbourne to celebrate with my BYCA family at the Awards Dinner! Even if you’re not nominated, I highly recommend attending this event because the calibre of coaches in the room will blow you away….seriously!! I was so inspired and encouraged by all of the wonderful things our fellow BYCA coaches are doing in the world…we are definitely in great company!

7. Ongoing Support Once You’ve Graduated – I love that once you complete your BYCA program and you become a certified coach that the support continues. You really are a part of a powerful and ever expanding coaching community. Plus, great resources are always on hand including this incredibly valuable e-book ‘My First Year as a Coach’ which shares the experiences of 6 new coaches who are enjoying incredible success in their first year in business…I was lucky enough to be asked to share my experiences and offer my tips to new coaches. You can download your copy here until 28th June…be quick!



Kind Words from BYCA Coaching Clients


My major goals focused on getting things moving in my coaching business, gaining clarity on my message and feeling confident sharing it with the world. I also wanted to bring more feminine energy into my life and business, as I find that I’m naturally more inclined to be in my masculine energy.

Ainslie helped me to feel really confident in myself and my business! I now feel aligned with my message, and I can speak confidently about what I do. I even started a Facebook group, (which is quickly growing and highly engaged) and am doing regular Facebook Live trainings…something I never though I’d do! 

My colleagues and friends have even noticed that my business niche and message now seems really aligned with who I am. They’ve commented on how much they love what I’m putting out into the world in terms of my social media content.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, Ainslie!

HAYLEY TAPPER, Succes Mindset Coach, Australia


Your BYCA Affiliate Bonus

As a proud Certified BYCA Coach and affiliate of the program I’m excited to offer you a very special bonus!

If you sign up through my affiliate link you’ll receive a $1000 AUD gift certificate towards your Certified Coaching Series.

My coaching work is specialised and I can help you:

  • Knuckle down and uncover your unique message so you feel clear, confident and proud when promoting your business to the world,
  • Identify your signature system and business assets so together we can design packages that stand out from the crowd and you’ll have clients banging down the door to work with you,
  • Write copy that connects with your dream clients and converts them into paying clients so you can grow your beautiful business,
  • Work with your unique cycles (think menstrual, lunar, daily energy and stage of business) so there’s less hustle and greater success by ‘working smarter not harder.’ I LOVE this aspect of my coaching and I love sharing it with other coaches because it’s been a serious game changer for me!

Please Note: As I am a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach, any coaching series done with me will count toward your future certification as a coach. 


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You’ll also receive:

++ Free access to my online copywriting course ‘Copy That Connects and Converts’ where I teach you how to craft copy that cuts through the online noise and increases your sales and gets your coaching business noticed. (Valued at $197 AUD).




When I first connected with Ainslie I was feeling quite exhausted and a little disheartened after consistently putting out great content and pushing for months and months to attract more coaching clients, with only some success. I was also at a cross roads with my design business and knew something had to change. In my personal life, I was lacking energy and unhappy with my weight.

As a result of working with Ainslie I’m focused and have direction of what I can offer and deliver to my coaching clients – and that feels amazing!  Becoming clear on my ‘why,’ my original vision, and uncovering my ideal client has been invaluable.  Ainslie also helped me craft signature programs with feels great!

Even my friends have noticed that I’ve increased my enthusiasm around my coaching business and have clearer direction on where I am going.

Separate to my coaching business I’ve lost 6kg making a change to my diet and I’ve found much needed direction around my design business and I know where I would like to go with it. Overall, working with Ainslie was an awesome experience!

Rebecca Reed, Life and Relationship Coach, Australia 



alli_knoth-ainslie_young.When I started my coaching series with Ainslie I had a lot of ideas but zero direction. She quickly helped me pinpoint what was truly important for my business and take direct action.

As a result, I successfully completed a number of big projects including crafting my Signature Coaching Series, hiring an intern and hosting my very first coaching event.

Since working with Ainslie I’ve been far more confident to go for BIG business things instead of wading in the shallow end. People have also been taking notice and are impressed with what I’m doing.

Working with Ainslie was amazing because I now have the confidence and know-how to build the business of my dreams!

Alli Knoth, Life Coach | Personal Trainer | Yoga Instructor | Nutrition Consultant, United States of America


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