I adore the women I partner with as a part of the Feminine Business Mastermind.  My clients’ results and how they achieve their results is what motivates me to do this incredible work.

And I’m so excited to share an amazing success story showcasing the work of the magnificent Nathalie Sommer.


Here is what we talk about with Nathalie and her results as a part of the Feminine Business Mastermind:

  • What motivated Nathalie to join the Feminine Business Mastermind despite being in business for 16+ years,
  • How Nathalie used the personalised embodiment practices in the group coaching sessions to take her business to the next level,
  • Nathalie’s results after being a part of the Mastermind including finding her voice to breaking through visibility blocks,
  • How she’s gone from working 6 days a week, to just 4 with Friday being ‘Pleasure Friday’ and the impact this shift has had,
  • Her realisation that you cannot go it alone in business and how investing in support is something you’ll never regret,
  • Why Nathalie whole-heartedly recommends investing in the Feminine Business Mastermind,
  • And more…









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