I love being back in my hometown of Newcastle.

Apart from missing family and friends, there are so many other things I miss.

I miss the open space, beautiful blue sky, crisp fresh air and the expansive ocean.

But the place I miss most in my seaside city, is Merewether Baths.

These moody yet tranquil ocean baths are my happy place. I love the solitude of an early morning swim and the cleansing experience of the salt water.

It’s grounding yet inspiring.


I have so many fond memories from this little part of the world.

I miss the long morning runs along the foreshore with my girlfriend Carly, followed by a refreshing swim in the sea.

I miss the high vibes of fellow early risers and sharing a warm smile as we greet one another with a genuine ‘good morning.’

I miss taking the plunge into the baths as the sun rises and pushing myself to swim a kilometre before racing home to get ready for work.

I miss listening to all the old blokes who swim everyday of the year, rating the water temperature and quality, and the entertaining descriptions they provide such as “The water is ‘champagne plus’ today love!”

I miss having a lazy coffee + breakfast with my parents, admiring the beach and commenting that ‘the early morning is the best part of the day.’

I miss strolling down to the baths of an evening with my husband. We would jump in the baths to cool off whilst enjoying the prolonged dusk, thanks to day light savings.

I miss enjoying a summery cocktail with friends and family on the balcony of the Merewether Surf House…I could go on!

starting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastlestarting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastle-13starting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastle-8starting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastle-9starting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastle-14starting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastle-4starting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastle-10starting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastle-7 starting-with-a-merewether-bars-newcastle-6I have loved every second of being back home and spending time in at Merewether….even on the morning when I thought we were going to be blown away!

Do you have a ‘happy place’ that you absolutely adore? I would love to hear where it is – so feel free to share your place in the comments section below!