This week my big adventure was a day of ‘healing and discovery’ in the urban village of Mui Wo on Lantau Island.

I’ve only been to Mui Wo once before…when I mistakenly said yes to the hardest hike I’ve completed to date!

But returning to this laidback seaside town felt oh-so right this time around.

In Mui Wo the preferred mode of transport is pedal power.

Stepping off the ferry you are instantly made aware of the multitude of bikes. Literally hundreds of bikes are all lined up undercover and you can easily mistake this place for some sort of Asian Amsterdam!


The laid back vibe of Mui Wo was the perfect place to attend a workshop all about self-discovery.

(I know it sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ but these sorts of activities are very much needed here in hectic Hong Kong).

The workshop was held at the gorgeous Sommer Life Beach Retreat. This recently opened retreat is nestled in the trees at the far edge of Silvermine Bay Beach and offers magnificent water views.

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After a leisurely stroll along the waterfront and up through a leafy path I was greeted by my beautiful friend Nathalie who runs Sommer Life Beach Retreat, and her French Bulldog Jolie.

Our day was spent learning all about Reiki, the Japanese art of energy healing, illumination oracle cards and sole healing through universal reflexology.

Sally Claridge Teixeira, who facilitated the workshop provided such amazing insight as she ran us through the three different healing modalities.

Who would have thought you could discover so much about yourself and others through the soles of their feet!

Next time you see me ask me to take a peek at your feet and I’ll see if I can provide some insight (plus I’ll tell you what Sally said about mine!).


Lucky for us, our host Nathalie, is an amazing cook and whipped up a delicious vegan meal as well as some yummy sweets. We all enjoyed getting to know each other as we dined outside (it’s kind of rare to eat outside here in Hong Kong).

Enjoying the natural surroundings was definitely not lost on me… much gratitude for nourishing food and the outdoors!).


Our day ended with Sally ‘channeling love,’ which was a deeply moving, healing and transformational experience.

Again, this may sound really strange to some, and no I haven’t joined a cult (Dad, this is aimed at you!).

But trust me, I received exactly what I needed from this day and my gratitude runs deep!


Hope you had a great week too!

Tell me in the comments if you’ve every tried a form of energy healing. I’d love to hear your experience!

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