In this episode of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear me share:


++ My own money journey and why I still felt poor even after reading so many money books, doing money courses and hiring money coaches

++ 5 specific business scenarios that indicate the need to work on your relationship with money

++ Why women who feel like they are following their calling struggle most when it comes to having a healthy relationship with money

++ 3 key ways working with your nervous system will help you earn more money in your business

++ Client success stories where just after one embodiment practice clients experienced major shifts in their relationship with money.









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Transcript – Money and Your Nervous System


​​Welcome back to the Feminine Business Mastermind, I’m Ainslie Young and I’m really excited that you’re listening in to today’s episode but today we’re going to talk about something that has been a huge growth edge for me and that edge is money and its relationship to the nervous system. And it’s been something that we’ve been exploring in the Feminine Business Mastermind where some amazing shifts have already started to happen.


Now if you feel that you don’t have an amazing relationship with money, then this episode is definitely for you!


Money. It can be a triggering, loaded, complex topic to cover. But, let’s face it, as business owners we need to make money…and essentially we need to make enough money to make a profit, otherwise we just have an expensive hobby on our hands. 


For me, my relationship with money was fine until I left my career and moved to Hong Kong with my husband…and at that time I actually had no way of making money myself. I didn’t go to HK with a job and I had closed my previous business. And because I was on a dependent visa I couldn’t get my own bank account or credit card….I actually had to ask my husband to give me money…in my hand. It was always really stressful when he would go away for work and I had to ensure he’d give me enough cash to last while he was away….he always did of course but I’d even hide cash in random parts of the apartment for emergencies!! 


I laugh at this now but it wasn’t funny at the time. It felt very demoralizing and it made me feel quite powerless ….and I often played the victim (you can go and listen to episode 30 where we dive into this topic in depth).


But it’s safe to say I had a lot of work to do on myself in terms of my relationship with money. And this is very common for women in business…being in business causes all of your money stuff to rear its head.


So here are some examples that may give you an idea if your relationship with money isn’t that great..

  1. You have very little or zero clarity around what it is you’re earning in terms of revenue, profit and loss and you’re barely or not tracking your money
  2. You avoid doing your tax like the plague
  3. You try and figure out your finances solo, and you do it as you go
  4. You avoid opening your bills, paying invoices and you’re somewhat in denial about your financial future…you just hope and prey things will get better
  5. You never feel like there is enough money in your business or your life.


These are just a few examples, but I am sure you’re getting the picture. 


Now I personally was committed to working on my relationship with money, but for a period of time I just couldn’t get it together. I found that the books I read, the courses I took, the coaches I followed just weren’t helping to shift anything. 


All the sexy and positive strategies like Saying daily affirmations, Creating beautiful vision boards, manifesting with the moon, using EFT and tapping, writing my goals down just weren’t helping. 


I still felt poor. I still felt unworthy and to be honest I felt like a failure in my business. 


I’m curious if you can relate to any of what I have shared. 


But thankfully, things did shift for me. Once I dove down the rabbit hole of embodiment and did my Feminine Embodiment coaching certification I realised I had to go deeper….I needed to tackle my money issues on a nervous system level….not so much a mindset level.


Now this embodiment work around money isn’t sexy. It’s not comfortable….in all honesty it can be really confronting. But it does work. 


Also, I have noticed that women in business who feel like they are following their calling…and maybe who are also coaches, healers, creatives and health and wellness practitioners struggle the most when it comes to having a healthy relationship with money…but it’s this nervous system work and using trauma informed embodiment tools and practices that really help them come out the other side. 


Ok so maybe you’re thinking how will working with my nervous system specifically help me to have a better relationship with money so I can grow MY business with more ease? 


Great question! Glad you asked! 


When it comes to money, Working on your nervous system helps you switch out of a negative  ‘prey’ dynamic into a more positive relationship with money. Maybe you’re feeling confused, vague or disempowered around money. So the embodiment work helps to rewire your survival patterning around money and build more self-trust.


This nervous system work also helps you grow your capacity to earn and receive money as well as be responsible with saving and handling your money. Instead of feeling shame and anxiety every time you receive a letter from the bank or invoicing a client makes you feel ill….you feel far more confident, safe and empowered with money.


Also, the whole giving and receiving dynamic is a huge issue for many of my clients. Because they are super generous and caring humans they are prone to over giving yet find it very difficult to ask for and receive money in exchange for their work, time, skills….essentially the value they continually offer to the world. By doing this embodiment work giving and receiving exchange becomes more flowing and effortless, your boundaries are clear and embodied and your self-worth increases big time. 


Now I really love this area of work because it has had such a positive effect on my own life and business….things have really shifted for me over the last few years as I have continued to do this work. I have been able to continually double my income and create a 6 figure business, keeping my work days to 3 days a week. I no longer shy away from money conversations, or put off doing my tax, I joyfully look at my bank account regularly and I pay all my bills on time…and the biggest thing, I am now really committed to building my own wealth so the impact I can have both personally and professionally can be far greater… dreams have grown exponentially and that feels so expansive to me!


And now I want to take some time and put all of this into context for you, I recently ran a Masterclass for my clients in the Feminine Business Mastermind all about Money and The Nervous System and the feedback and results were incredible. 


We did a few powerful embodiment practices and at the end of the class clients had shifted from feeling a sense of lack, avoidance, fear, ambivalence, overwhelm in regards to money to feeling more  confident, lighter, empowered, clear, excited, whole, trusting, spacious, relieved and optimistic when it came to their relationship with money. 


Now of course this isn’t the case for everyone. One of my beautiful clients came out of the workshop feeling really raw. She found the processes really confronting as she had a lot to unpack.


Massive shift – Felt free and concern and lack, and trying to make everything last – a lot of it has gone. But a week after the workshop she generously shared with us in the mastermind that she’s experienced a huge shift. She explained that a lot of the concern and feeling of lack, and trying to make all the money last a lot of this had gone and she was feeling a new sense of confidence in herself and her work.


An another client shared that after she’d done one of the practices and cleared a debt from her credit card she was able to relax more, her nervous system unravelled and then she was able to easily drop into pleasure and from an embodiment practice she mapped out her whole launch plan with ease….so you can see how the nervous system is so interconnected to our businesses…and that’s why we need to tend to our body’s first, go deep into the feminine and THEN take action, so our actions are aligned and potent.


Hope that makes sense?


So I’m hoping that in today’s episode I have been able to show that even though you may feel that your relationship with money is complicated and messy and intense that we can untangle our nervous system and open ourselves up to abundance in our businesses.


And if this is an area of your life and business that you feel you need support with, know that you’re not alone…this challenge is so common, especially for the more sensitive entrepreneurs I work with. And if you’d like to take the next step, just reach out to me for a complimentary magnetic business session. You can book in via the link in the show notes. Together in this session we can dive into your biggest challenges with money and roadblocks in your business and I can offer you some suggestions. And if you’d like my support in putting in place a customized strategy to help you achieve your goals and work through any money trauma we can talk about the best next steps.


Ok friends, that’s all from me today. If you’ve found this episode helpful or interesting in any way please feel free to share it far and wide…maybe on instagram….that would be awesome. Just screenshot the episode and share on insta stories and make sure you tag me so I can see it.


Take care, revel in your own pleasure and prosperity and I’ll speak to you soon!