In this episode of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear me share:


++ What is a million-dollar business decision,

++ 5 specific examples of ‘Broke-Ass Decisions’ that I see female entrepreneurs make all the time, 

++ The major benefits of doing the work and switching from broke ass decisions to million-dollar business, (think work less, earn more!),

++ The 3 most impactful Million Dollar Business Decisions I have made in the last 18 months and how they allowed me to thrive even though things were tough behind the scenes! 






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++Brilliant Book Recommendation  – We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rogers

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Transcript – How To Make Million Dollar Business Decisions


Hey hey, welcome to the Feminine Business School podcast, I’m your hostess Ainslie Young and this is actually our last episode for season 2…which is exciting….well I am excited to have a little break, so I can rest and reflect on this season and return invigorated for the next season.

Ok, so I’m really passionate about today’s episode because we’re focusing on decision making in business….specifically making million dollar decisions!


I recently learned about the concept of Million Dollar Decisions in Rachel Rogers book “We Should All Be Millionaires.”


Now as I said, I am really passionate about speaking about decision making in business because every single decision you make creates your life and your business. It’s all accumulative.


And when we make decisions from an embodied state our decisions are far more expansive and powerful.


Now you may not want to be a millionaire, and that’s fine! But these so called million dollar decisions help to showcase all off the possibilities that are available to you (despite what your revenue goal is) vs the broke ass decisions as Rachel describes them,which are keeping you in a cycle of lack, low self-worth, little pleasure and very little (if any) profit.


And let’s face it – we go into business to make money doing something that we love….otherwise we just have a very expensive hobby that could be making you miserable.


And it doesn’t have to be this way!!


As a business coach for female entrepreneurs I’d like to share some of the common decisions I see made when in a place of contraction…that keeps themselves and their businesses small. I have 5 examples….and I know there are many more….


The first one is they wait way too long to hire help. These female entrepreneurs spend countless hours trying to do absolutely everything in their business each and every week. This causes them so much frustration, time, energy, pain….and they become burned out.


As Rachel Rogers would say – this is a Broke Ass Decision.


Another decision made out of contraction I see as a business coach for female entrepreneurs is they are always trying to cut expenses on things they actually need (online platforms, support etc) which make their lives easier and free up time or on things that bring them pleasure…your business may pay for massages….and you cut back on them….this is contraction.


Example number 3 of women in business making decisions from a place of contraction is continually undercharging. They may have a set rate but when it comes to sharing the investment of their offering they discount every single time….because they are coming from a place of lack. They are desperate from sale and they are coming from a place of neediness. (This is something we work on in the Feminine business Mastermind – rewiring our bodies from neediness versus longing with money and clients).


Carrying on with the prices theme and money – I continually see women never putting their prices up for their services. They know that their services and offerings are life changing and they deliver so much value but they are afraid of what others will think if they charge more…or they’ll lose their current client base….again – this is a major Broke Ass Decision….and it can be easily rewired with embodiment work.


And the 5th broke ass decision or decision made from a place of contraction is knowing that you need support in your business, but you think you can’t afford it so you do nothing about it…and just stay stuck.


(I actually have a really great podcast episode – episode 3 on how to invest in your business and how to make the best decision every single time). I invite you to go back and give it a listen at the end of this episode.


Ok, so now that I have shared examples of what decisions made from a place of contraction look like (so decisions that are the complete opposite of million dollar decisions), now it’s time to dive into the benefits of Million Dollar Decisions and what they’ll gift you.


Benefits of Million Dollar Business Decisions

  1. Expansion – obviously prioritising feeling expansive and open to infinite possibilities is a huge benefit of switching from broke ass decision making to million dollar decision making in your business…..what this does is it creates far more options rather than eliminating options for you in your life and your business. And this makes you feel secure, free and powerful.
  2. Reclaim your time and your energy – and this means you can be a more happy and healthy version of yourself and be of greater service to others in and outside of your business. I want you to feel this in your bones….the more money you make allows you to help more people and you can help them in an even more powerful way….because you’re not dead tired or your not so time poor
  3. You can focus on what matters to you – rather than trying to be superwoman, super mum, super business woman, you’re not getting bogged down in everything and creating the expectation that you must do everything and make everyone happy – you’re really prioritizing your own health, happiness and wealth. And when you do this, it actually benefits everyone around you. By embodying your worth and your true desires and making them a priority….and then making decisions from this state, you’re benefiting everyone around you….the ripple effect is massive. Believe me!


Right – so we’ve covered the significant benefits of making million dollar decisions and how they impact you both personally and professionally. Now I’d like to share 3 of my own million dollar decisions that have allowed me to significantly increase my revenue while still only working 3 days a week.


Ok so the first Million Dollar Decision was to focus on sales and revenue generating activities….and really prioritise them. Rather than saying I wanted more clients and more revenue and not do anything about it, I decided that this was an area of my business that I really needed support with. So I signed up to work with a sales mentor and my conversion rate has gone from about 20% on a discovery session to 77%….which is a massive improvement. Also my conversion rate along the entire client experience journey (or sales pipeline) has increased which really means I’m working smarter rather than harder….and earning a lot more money. 


And for context, when I made this decision, I could pay for this significant 6 figure investment upfront out of my business account, but our family finances were tight…and logically it would seem like a big risk. Especially considering all of the money I have invested into my business over the year. My husband was even angry with me for signing up. But I just knew that this work was exactly what I needed and I felt excited and expansive about the possibility! And do you know what, I made all the money back and tens of thousands more in just 3 weeks. This definitely was a million dollar decision. If I had made the broke ass decision of just playing it safe and not investing in sales coaching then I’d still be wanting more clients and fluffing around with a 20% conversion rate….and as my podcast guest Anna Rova,who 10xed her business in just over a year said in episode 21, as a coach sales is where coaches need to focus to really create a thriving business….and I wholeheartedly agree!


My second million dollar business decision was to make my health my number one priority. In the past I’d always wait until I could barely move my neck before going to the osteopath, or I couldn’t physically get out of bed to see the TCM doctor to help with my energy….I’d think, I’ll just finish up this launch, or I’ll wait until I have a few more clients before I book an appointment for energy healing etc. But at the start of 2020 I decided no more….and as soon as something doesn’t feel right in my body I seek out support. And again, I did this when money was not flowing in, when it felt indulgent and maybe a bit flippant given our situation. But I knew that with every decision I made to focus on my health and my body I was aligning myself with my business vision…and I was unapologetic about it….and again, making a decision from a more expansive place really does work.


And finally my third million dollar decision was to feel rich and abundant in all aspects of my life…so again with our financial situation I could have been like, right fire the cleaner, no more going out for meals and coffees, no more expensive groceries, no more business and life support. But instead I trusted that by NOT going without I was showing the Universe the standard of life and business I expected and I was worthy of this. Now don’t get me wrong…I wasn’t going out and booking staycations and dining at the finest restaurants etc but I decided that I didn’t want to feel broke. I didn’t want to feel like the victim. I decided to trust that the money was coming in and I’d feel happy, expansive and in my pleasure NOW. I wasn’t prepared to wait. And ofcourse the money came in. The opportunities came in and rather than just surviving during this time we all thrived….I thrived, my family thrived, my clients thrived!


And that’s the thing – we must choose to make decisions and behave from from where you want to go rather than where you’re at right now….I made all these decisions based on, Ainslie – The Multiple 6 Figure Business Woman not Ainslie, of I’m potentially going to be the sole income earner, and we may get kicked out of the country during a pandemic, what the heck are we going to do? I made all this macro and micro decisions from a place of expansion and possibility.


I am hoping you can see and feel the difference?


I made these decisions from an embodied place…where I prioritised my own personal pleasure, power and prosperity.


I know this kind of powerful decision making works because my clients do it too. It’s something we focus on as a part of the Feminine Business Mastermind….when my clients create a business where they only work 4 days a week….they gain higher level clients(and become booked out), when my clients hold their coaching rates even though they’ve been in business for less than a year they still attract clients, when my clients find joy in outsourcing tasks they attract more opportunities that fit their zone of genius…..and there are so many more examples!


Ok, so to wrap things up today we covered what is a million dollar decision versus broke ass decision, shared by the awesome Rachel Rogers (I’ll put a link to her book in my show notes), I shared some examples of broke ass decisions women in business are making all the time and the detriment of each decision…I also shared the significant benefits of making decisions from an expansive place and then we finished off with me explaining the 3 million dollar decisions I have made over the last 18 months and how this has significantly benefited me in both business and my life in general. 


I’m going to make a million dollar decision right now and tell you unapologetically that I am actually really great at empowering other women in business to make million dollar decisions….and how we do this is from an embodied place. The feminine embodiment modality and the nervous system work we do really help unlock what is holding you back from making this million dollar  decisions. I know that I have read books very similar to Rachel Rogers in the past….and they all make sense logically….BUT if you haven’t unlocked the tension or the trauma that’s in your body, you’re going to find it quite difficult to actually make these decisions let alone follow through on them….and that’s the power of embodiment work coupled with feminine business strategy!


So if you’d like to know more about how I could potentially help you make million dollar business decisions then simply reach out – send me a DM on instagram @ainslieyoung or book in for a complimentary Magnetic Business Audit where I can share a bit more about my work, see if it resonates…and if it does I’ll ask you some specific questions about your business and from there I’ll be able to work out if I can help you…and then together we can work out your best next steps!


Ok my loves, that’s a wrap for season 2 of the Feminine Business School podcastl! Thank you so much for listening, I really appreciate your presence! If you’d like to leave a review I would be so, so grateful!! And if you have any topics you’d like me to cover in season 3, please let me know!