Is it just me, or is time flying?

Some how we have whipped through the first half of 2015 and now we are straight into the second half of the year!

With a hectic schedule it’s so easy to just keep the wheels spinning and motor along.

But the beauty of a fresh new month is that it provides you with the perfect opportunity to reflect on your progress and achievements.

You can take note of how your New Year’s resolutions are coming along and check in with your intentions/goals and the vision you set for the year.

With reflection comes clarity…and who doesn’t like clarity!?

So this week I want you to take time to do a mini-review of where you’re at and envision how you want the rest of 2015 to unfold!

It will be a fun process, I promise!


++ Mid-Year Magic Make Over Prompts ++


++ How do you want to feel for the rest of the year?

(Dig deep, because when you know how you want to feel, your decision-making around goals and intentions becomes SO much easier!)


++ My super inspiring intentions/goals for the remainder of the year are…..

 (Once you’re clear on how you want to feel, do things that will make you feel that way!)


++ What’s not serving me? What do I need to let go of?

(Think about aspects of your life that you’re dissatisfied or frustrated with. What do you need to acknowledge so you can make a change?)


++ What are you most proud of right now?

(Reflect on your achievements so far this year. What awesome accomplishments, big and small, have you nailed? Celebrate your awesomeness!)


++ What big lesson or incredible insight have you gained this year?

(Draw on all your different life experiences and then tap into your ever-expanding wisdom)


Below I’ve shared my Mid-Year Magic Make Over

+ I want to feel….

Abundant, Joyful, Nourished and Connected.

(I’m focusing on feeling Joyful and Nourished in the second half of the year as I’ve worked hard on feeling more Connected and Abundant so far).


+ My inspiring intentions and goals are…

  • Write and publish an Amazon Best-Selling Book for Kindle
  • Learn Cantonese
  • Complete my Life Coach Training and start working with inspiring clients
  • Take a two week holiday in New York City


+ What I’m letting go of….

  • The guilt and anxiety around not being a part of the “traditional workforce”
  • My money blocks
  • Dairy….oh I’m trying!
  • The constant need to always be doing something. The result = adrenal fatigue.


+ I’m most proud of…


+ My big lesson so far for 2015….

You have to trust this process and believe that the Universe (or what ever higher power you believe in) is acting in your highest good. Stay patient, hang in there and do the work. Stop stressing, everything will work out as it should!


Now it’s your turn! If you’re brave and bold I would love for you to share your reflections and intentions in the comment section below.

Or you can send me an email! I would love to hear from you and help cheer you on!

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