In this episode of the Feminine Business School I had the honour of interviewing one of my amazing mentors, Jenna Ward. I am a major ‘Fan Girl’ of Jenna (I make this very clear in our chat!) and I could have asked her questions all day long! 

During our deep and rich conversation we explored how the skill of embodiment allows us to take risks (that pay off), the links between being disembodied and capitalism, the importance of radiance, sincerity and freedom in business and the importance of changing the narratives around women’s roles, their potential and possibilities both personally and professionally. 


Here’s some more detail of exactly what we covered in this episode:

++ Jenna’s beautiful definition of Magnetism (and her exquisite moon example), why magnetism is such a powerful tool in business and her own personal magnetism experiences (hear her wild conversion rate for specific things she’s been calling in over the years!),  

++ Jenna shared the main drivers behind creating the very successful School of Embodied Arts (where she’s coached and worked with women from over 22 countries across 5 continents) and the shifts she had to embody to make this happen,

++ We discuss Jenna’s current explorations around anti-capitalistic ways of working that transcend profit over people & how we might create ways of working that are more sustainable (this is brilliant!),

++ We also dive into the invisible assumption that a woman’s energy is a natural resource that is bountiful, plentiful and for the service of her family and why this is NOT the case for either of us (Jenna shares what she gladly outsources personally and professionally and why she’s The Golden Goose).





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