On the weekend James and I were wandering around Wanchai and we discovered a cute little gift store, which stocked a myriad of interesting things.

James picked up a gorgeous kaleidoscope and we both took turns looking at the complex yet beautiful patterns created by tiny pieces of coloured glass.

As I held the kaleidoscope up to the light I thought how it perfectly symbolises life.

Our lives are made up of exciting and fun times, painful and heart-braking experiences, spiritual breakthroughs, amazing and stretching opportunities, joyful adventures, happiness and sadness plus a whole heap of bits and pieces.

All the tiny glass pieces are the pieces of our lives coming together to create a colourful and unique image.

No pattern is ever the same and no life is ever the same.

Moments are fleeting. We must be present and breathe in the colour and vibrancy of life before it disappears forever.

The more we look at the kaleidoscope’s pattern, the more beauty we uncover.

Life is beautiful. All of it.


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