Client Testimonials

Ainslie has worked with countless high achieving female entrepreneurs from different nationalities and cultures. Here's what clients have to say about partnering with Ainslie...

Rosann Ling

Rosann Ling

Creative Director, Prism Creative

Before working with Ainslie I was feeling worn out and the passion I had for my business was diminishing. 

I was working with high-maintenance clients who I always felt like I had to please. I also worked weekends and I didn’t have a social life or pursue any of my passions.  And I just couldn’t see how I could continue to scale my business without completely burning out!

Working with Ainslie showed me how to weave pleasure into my every day, making me a better business woman and overall better person. I experienced exponential growth, both personally and professionally!

I tripled my revenue compared to the previous year all while reclaiming my leisure time (including laptop free vacations, 4 day work weeks). I now work on projects that I truly want to, how I want to, when I want to, without being dictated by other people's expectations.

Melanie Wessels

Founder, OKRs for Success

Before working with Ainslie I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed in my consulting business. I wanted to integrate more Feminine Leadership into my business and attract more financially lucrative opportunities without working harder.

After working with Ainslie I feel like a different woman! She gave me many embodiment tools to help calm my nervous system and she also helped to shift my business model, so I can move forward with more ease and flow.

I really enjoyed working together with Ainslie and I can't recommend the work she is doing enough.

In today's world it is so important as a woman to be in tune with your essence, to lead and move from a place of trust, authenticity and clarity. Ainslie has given me the tools to become closer to the woman I aspired to be for a long time. Thank you!

Melanie Wessels, OKRs for Success

Ainslie’s work has helped to uncover my deep desires for my life and business and the simplest, most easeful ways of achieving them. Her pleasure centred approach is gentle yet challenging and unconventional. I highly recommend Ainslie as her high level support and coaching has been instrumental in keeping me on track and achieving quantum shifts! I’m so excited for the next 6 months!

Kat Reyes
Owner E.W. Lee Pty Ltd

nathalie sommer

After working with Ainslie I stopped feeling burnt out and started to create a business that felt like a f*ck yes in my body. I moved away from feeling drained, to lit up and excited! Which also created more magnetism in my business. I work less and yet I make more. What a game changer! Thank you Ainslie. I love the relationship I now have with my business and I know the missing ingredient was pleasure.

Nathalie Sommer
Relationship & Intimacy Coach

Over the last 2 years working with Ainslie, prioritising pleasure has become the guiding force in my business, helping me to make decisions faster, easier and with more confidence. This principle helps me to surf through the ups and downs of business with more ease. ie. Enjoy the fruits of my labour during the high points and be more resilient and faithful during the low points.

Hei Cheung
Founder Hei Yoga and Astrologer

Lin Ong, Founder Refindery Fitness

Lin Ong

Founder Refindery Fitness

I highly recommend working with Ainslie if you want to become successful in your business through finding joy and pleasure!

Ainslie helped me achieve major transformative shifts including removing deep seated conditioning that ‘doing more’ is the only way to succeed. I also now allow pleasure and self-care to be prioritised and as a result I am far more magnetic in life and business.

Ainslie was always there for me with her ability to leverage her extensive knowledge, experience and strong intuition and continually offerwise counsel. I’ve experienced a huge transformation personally and professionally, and I’m so grateful!

Jen Murphy

Celtic School of Embodiment

One of my core values is congruence and so, working with Ainslie has helped me hold myself to account and devote myself to leading and scaling my business from a place of desire. I make no decisions out of fear. I make my decisions fuelled by my desires. And in this way, not only does this foster deep levels of trust in the inevitability of my success but makes the journey feel wild with pleasure.

Ainslie is a phenomenal leader - the real f*&king deal and EXACTLY what we need SO much more of! She is a life changer and I’ll be forever grateful to her.

Jen Murphy

Embrace the mess and move into radiance.

Corinne Konrad Calder

Corinne Konrad Calder

Women’s Transformation Coach

Today a pleasurable approach to business is one of my key intentions - it brings me ease, spaciousness, joy and yes, greater creativity and productivity! It means I’m doing and giving from a full rather than a depleted place which benefits not only myself but my clients and family too. I’m very grateful to Ainslie for embodying her talk and reassuring me in moments of doubts about prioritising pleasure.

I'm beaming and so grateful to have been in this mastermind & felt so seen, held and supported over the past year. Endless gratitude for all your wisdom, support, love and kindness! And thank you for always motivating and inspiring me to grow and centre my pleasure in myself & in business!

Sharandeep Kaur
Coach and Sensual Embodied Dance Facilitator

Charlotte Douglas Yoga

Ainslie you are an absolute gem! Thanks to you I now have more space in the diary and I am using that productively. Before working with you I was running myself ragged, working hard and putting so much time into my online content. I have learned that when I feel good, my work feels good and from feeling good, comes so much. It was such a fun, transformative and empowering experience!

Charlotte Douglass
Yoga Therapist

Erika (Creator of The Movement Experience)

As a result of working with Ainslie I was able to go deep and have hard conversations, to emotionally release and to feel clarity around the small but powerful shifts that needed to happen for me to feel and experience more pleasure in my life and business.

Erika Lina Nimry
Founder of The Movement Experience

Sheehan Rosen, Founder, Bitter Root Midwifery

Sheehan Rosen

Founder, Bitter Root Midwifery

I started working with Ainslie at the start of a much needed 4 month sabbatical from 20 years of solo entrepreneurship. I had reached complete burnout and really had no desire to think about work.

Ainslie saw the full picture and identified the threads of my life that were contributing to more stress and angst in my business.

As a result of working with Ainslie using archetypes, neuroscience and embodiment, I came out with deep understandings and realisations plus practical tools to move forward in my career with confidence so I CAN get my personal needs met AND offer amazing client care.

Ainslie is incredibly insightful and supportive. Working with her was one of the best investments of my time off!

Sarah Booth

Feminine Embodiment Coach

Since working with Ainslie I've shifted my mentality from the Panicking Victim to the Grounded Queen! For the first time in my life, I genuinely feel like I can do this without needing to stress, put excess pressure on myself or create a 'to-do' list that keeps me up to midnight every night. It's been a true pleasure working with you and I'm so happy I said yes!

sarah booth testimonial

Stop accepting stress. Scale with Pleasure & Ease.