This is my final podcast episode for the year and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of my key lessons and takeaways from 2020 – mainly from business but also from life too!

I absolutely love reflecting on my year, I think I’ve been doing it probably for the last 10 years and it really is an opportunity to shine a light on your growth. So hopefully my reflection will be helpful  and maybe the lessons I share will spark something within you!

Ok, dive in and listen to the 5 major lessons that 2020 has gifted me and how it has benefited my business.







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TRANSCRIPT – Key Lessons From my Best Year Yet in Business


Welcome to Episode 13 of the Feminine Business School podcast! If you’re a new listener, a warm welcome to you…and if you regularly listen in, it’s nice to be back in your lovely little ears. So This is my final podcast episode for the year and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of my key lessons and takeaways from 2020 – mainly from business but also from life too…..let’s face it – they really are intertwined. 

I absolutely love reflecting on my year. I think I’ve been doing it probably for the last 10 or so years…and it really is an opportunity to shine a light on your growth. So hopefully my reflection will be helpful  and maybe the lessons I share spark something within you! 


Ok, let’s jump into the 5 major lessons that 2020 has gifted me…..

So the first lesson is that perseverance and persistence pays off – these are actually my life lessons so it’s no surprise that I was required to really dig in deep and take this on board during 2020.

I’m not one to give up however I am impatient! And when I don’t see the results I desire quickly I can be prone to making a change or trying something different, rather than persisting. This year I have continually shown up in my business despite everything happening in the world and within my own personal world and this has paid off in terms of my revenue, my audience growth and my deeper devotion to my vision for both my life and my business. 


Similar to this, is the lesson of creating something of quality once, persisting and continually refining it.

This really speaks to my whole premise in business of working smarter rather than harder! We often have a tendency in business to have shiny object syndrome and we get bedazzled by new things – whether it be a new course promising the silver bullet to success or a new qualification to add to our toolbelt (because we don’t feel worthy with the heap of other qualifications we have) or we think we need to launch an online course because everyone else is doing it. 

But I have re-learned that when we don’t try to recreate the wheel, when we devote ourselves to one thing and have a desire to acquire a certain level of mastery the results start to come into your 3D reality.

A good example of this is the marketing masterclass I ran multiple times LIVE and that is also available on replay – you can watch the replay over at and I’ll also include a link in the show notes. But creating this masterclass, and continually refining it really helped me solidify my message around marketing and deepen one aspect of my body of work. I have so many ideas for challenges, launches, opt-ins etc but staying focused on working smarter rather than harder has allowed me to create a really valuable asset that I can leverage….you don’t always need to be in constant creation mode and start from scratch.


The next major lesson or learning from this year was the need to prioritise myself over and over again, and over everyone and everything else….even when it wasn’t convenient. I’ll admit that I am a people pleaser and I can so easily, like so many,put my needs at the bottom of the priority list. However, this lesson of prioritization of myself and of my pleasure really deepened in early March just before we went into lock down here in Singapore because I was feeling so fatigued and unwell and I knew it wasn’t adrenal fatigue. 

So I really made it my mission to uncover what was going on – I had multiple doctors appointments with a GP, naturopath appointments, countless tests where my dna was sent to the states and I eventually found out that i had some severe food intolerances – this experience was not at all convenient – going to the doctors when they were so paranoid about CV and Xanthe was at home on a SHN because we had been travelling….I could have easily not bothered pursuing this but I’m so grateful I did because this is the best my energy has been in years….since I actually had Xanthe. I have countless other examples of where I have prioritised myself over my family and my business…..and it really does pay dividends – because without our physical,mental, emotional and spiritual health we won’t have a thriving life or business. Our body is our greatest business asset and we need to really nurture it.


Continuing on with this theme of looking after yourself and boundaries is another lesson where I have deepened my understanding and experience and that is around over giving. I have really learned that over giving in a business sense can be quite harmful to yourself and to others – including your clients and your audience. I am a natural over giver and over sharer- I want to teach and serve and help as many people as I can. But I have witnessed a few times this year where I have really over delivered in free challenges or classes and I have majorly overwhelmed the audience or I have satiated their hunger for whatever it was that I was teaching and then they didn’t feel the need to work with me. Does that make sense? And then obviously this over-giving is harmful to me because I didn’t sign the clients I was hoping to at the time and resentfulness starts to creep in and you just feel drained and depleted. Not a good place to be in. 

So much of this desire to overgive comes from a lack of self-worth and this is a continual practice for me….but I’d say I have definitely turned the corner as of September. There is a real devotion required to feel whole and content with who you innately are and the ability to back yourself and believe in your work without giving it all away for free! So let that be a reminder to you – you can offer your audience mini-breakthroughs that are deeply transformational without giving it all away…..there’s a real skill behind this!


The final lesson I have learned in 2020 that I wish to share with you is to stop being so attached to the HOW. In the past I was so concerned as to HOW I was going to make things happen – how was I going to put together this launch, how would people find me, how was I going to earn the income I wanted to make. 

I was also really concerned with how my goals were going to show up….there was definitely some wounded feminine energy going on, being overly controlling. I like to refer to this as my inner Saboteur – and I see this with my clients all the time…and even on discovery clients. We have to instantly see the path all paved out neatly for us with sign posts leading us to our destination. But as you’re probably well aware, life or business works like that. 

We have to trust and we have to  lean into the magic of life and the universe. And we have to be open to the universe surprising and delighting us. This is why I love my magnetism practice so much. Calling in my desires has become really magical and I feel like I’m collaborating with the universe and the magic of my body rather than always being pinned against them! It really is a powerful practice. So instead of letting your saboteur run the show in your business see how you can step into your magic and magnetism and take action from there.


Ok, so that was my somewhat random lessons of 2020 – just to recap they were 1.Persisting and persevering does pay off, 2. Don’t recreate the wheel – devote to one thing and refine it so you’re working smarter rather than harder, 3. Prioritise yourself over and over again – even when it’s inconvenient or feels uncomfortable, 4. Overgiving is harmful to yourself, your clients and your audience, 5. Step into your magic,magnetic self rather than letting the saboteur run your business.

Well that concludes season one of the Feminine Business School podcast. 

It has been an absolute delight sharing my teachings, experiences and thoughts with you. I am so incredibly grateful for all those regular listeners and the lovely feedback I continue to receive. If you have enjoyed the content I’ve shared with you, I’d so appreciate it if you could share the podcast with other women in business who you feel may benefit from what we speak about and if you could leave a rating and review I’ll love you forever. 


And don’t forget to hit SUBSCRIBE so you’ll be notified when season 2 kicks off early in the new year! Stay safe and healthy and I wish you a very pleasurable Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas) and I hope you also get the chance to reflect on your own lessons from 2020.