This is the very first date as a part of the new interview series I’m hosting on the blog called ‘A Date With Ains’ (so original hey!).

Our dates consist of me sitting down and having soulful chats about clarity, confidence and connection in life and business with AH-MAZING female entrepreneurs here in my new home of Hong Kong!

My first date was with the super gorgeous Kamilla Holst, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is out….not hard to see why she modelled back in Denmark!

However, Kamilla is not just a pretty face. This go-getter is mutli-passionate and multi-talented and is well and truly making her mark here in Hong Kong.

Read on to learn more about Kamilla and what we discussed over lunch at Aberdeen Street Social!



Tell us a little bit about yourself Kamilla… 

I needed a fresh start after a really bad breakup that resulted in me losing my company, so I moved to Hong Kong!

I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark with my younger sister, my navy seal dad and banker mum.

After I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2009, I went to do a life & business coach seminar with Anthony Robbins in order to help my patients even more.

When I first came to Hong Kong I applied for a work visa and authorisation, which took them about 6 months to approve! I didn’t want to waste anytime not working, so in my down time I wrote a self-help book called ‘The Fear Bucket List’ which is all about empowering women. I’m really excited about the book launch in July this year!

I’m currently working for a private chiropractor clinic here in HK and recently I was offered partnership and the chance to open up a brand new clinic in Sai Kung, focusing on health and chiropractic treatment for mums, pregnant women and babies.


Ok let’s talk  ‘clarity’ – what does it mean to you? When you’re lacking clarity in life or business, how do you get ‘unstuck’? What practices or strategies do you use?

Clarity for me is a state of being, it’s when I’m in flow and in acceptance of things being exactly the way they are supposed to be right in this moment.

To stay in flow, I meditate ½ an hour every morning and listen to my own affirmations in order to set up my day for success. (You can download my free abundance affirmations on my website)

As I am a healing channel for my patients, it is very important for me to stay balanced and clear-headed.


I’d love for you to share a time when your self-confidence has been at an all time low and what you did to pick yourself up and get back out there.

My entire childhood/teenage years/early twenties was coloured by the fact that I was molested at the age of six.

As you can imagine this left me with very low self-confidence.

I picked myself up by setting an intention to change my life and wrote down a Fear Bucket List – all the things I was afraid off and went out and faced them head on!


How do you stay connected to your purpose and your passion?

By setting aside time for myself to check in with my Higher Self to make sure I’m on the right track.

I often travel and go on retreats doing meditation, yoga and detox my physical body.



Who and/or what inspires you?

Powerful women like Oprah, who despite her past, manages to help other people and affect the world in a positive way. Jane Goodall for all her great work with animals. Beyonce for creating amazing music. Kindness towards humans, animals and the planet inspires me.


I know you have a lot of exciting things on the horizon. What’s next for you and your business?

I have my book ‘The Fear Bucket List’ coming up in July on Amazon with a book launch to plan.

At the same time I’m opening up my new health and beauty clinic in Sai Kung in April.

In my spare time I’m doing presentations about how chiropractic can benefit mums, pregnant women and babies.


Hong Kong is very different to Denmark. What do you love about living in Hong Kong?

I love that within 1 hour I can be on Tai Long Wan beach playing in the waves. I love the diversity of the concrete jungle and actual rainforest in the same city. I love that in a short period of time, I’ve met so many truly amazing friends here, who make Hong Kong feel like home.



My words of advice for young women about taking the leap and following their dreams would be….

Jump right in and practice not giving a shit what other people think, do what feels right for YOU!

Read my book if you need some inspiration on how I did it and make your own Fear Bucket List.


And finally do you have a quote or a daily mantra you use to keep you feeling clear, confident and connected within your business and life?

God’s wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance, all my needs, goals and desires are met instantly, for I am one with God and God is in everything.


I absolutely loved hearing more of Kamilla’s story, her unique skill set and her big business plans for this year! What were your key takeaways from this interview?

Love to hear them in the comments below!



Professional Bio

kamilla-host-starting-with-aDr. Kamilla Holst flew from her hometown Copenhagen to Hong Kong with a one-way ticket in 2014. After earning her degree in 2009, she received a European Award for her written thesis and she has been writing ever since. She joined the prestigious ranks of The Hong Kong Chiropractor’s Association, where she is now classified as a Top Chiropractor. She specializes in Women’s and Children’s Wellness Chiropractic and Lifestyle Coaching and teaches her patients the importance of body/mind balance. She is a trained meditation teacher and has an upcoming book called ‘The Fear Bucket List.’ Her book is dedicated to young women who have suffered abuse of any kind or who currently struggle with self-doubt or fear holding them back.

You can continue to connect with the gorgeous Kamilla on her website and Facebook.

Plus you can catch her on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @kamillaholst