Jessica Nazarali – Business Strategist & Certified Master Coach

‘A Date With Ains’

This week’s ‘Date With Ains’ guest is a little different – different in the fact that she’s a frequent visitor of Hong Kong and I’ve known Jessica Nazarali since she was a teenager!

When Jess told me she was ending her 4.5 month world trip, (for business and pleasure), with a quick stop over in Hong Kong, I jumped at the chance to interview her over dinner for Starting With A.

From humble online beginnings, Jessica quickly turned her side business, (blogging about health and wellness in Sydney), into a thriving online community and people wanted to know her secret.

With a boatload of heart and continual hustle, Jessica has leapt from the corporate ladder and now has a thriving coaching business which sees her travel the world, grace the stages of well known entrepreneurial events all whilst growing her business and finding time to start her own charitable foundation!

I can’t wait for you to read what this inspiring young woman has to share about clarity, confidence and connection in relation to her life and business! READ ON.


Jess, I’d love for you to share more about yourself, how you got started in business and the work you do! 

In 2011 I set up a blog and online store and it set me on a journey that completely changed my life.

I’ve seen firsthand the power of harnessing the internet as a business vehicle and I want as many people to experience this as well.

When I started blogging I had no idea what I was doing, but something in my head told me that there had to be more to life than working in a job I didn’t love and that blogging would somehow get me closer to it…

Turns out it did!

18 months into blogging people started asking me if they would work with me learn how they can set up a blog and online business.

It was an exciting time where I took a ton of courses from some of this biggest names out there to become the best teacher I could be.

18 months later I reached my ‘time cap’ after continuously raising my prices for 1:1 coaching.

There were only so many hours in the day and the supply of my time was falling short of the demand for my coaching services.

So I released my first ever group coaching program and then things really took off!

The freedom I have now was something I literally didn’t know was possible. And to be honest, my life has turned a complete 360. I’m so much happier, confident and proud of what I’m contributing to the world through my coaching and the work I do at It Girl Foundation – a foundation that helps women in developing countries to become virtual assistants and freelancers to support themselves and their families. 

That’s the reason we were in Asia and visited Hong Kong, we were in the Philippines before Hong Kong meeting the local people who can help get the word out about the foundation.



What does ‘clarity’ mean to you? When you’re lacking clarity in life or business, how do you get ‘unstuck’? What practices or strategies do you use?

To me clarity means knowing where you’re heading, what goals you’re working towards.

When I’m lacking clarity it usually means I’ve been too rushed to check in with myself.

I find if I have enough peace and quiet my next steps become clear pretty quickly!


I’d love for you to share a time when your self-confidence has been at an all time low and what you did to pick yourself up and get back out there.

When I first started blogging I felt very ‘unconfident.’

I remember thinking that everyone must think I’m a complete joke, because I clearly wasn’t a professional writer, yet here I was trying to write 5 days per week!

Luckily the vision I had for my life, (ie. not working in a job), and doing something meaningful was strong enough to encourage me to keep on going.

Reconnecting with my why and my vision is something I always do if I’m not feeling confident.

When I do this it reminds me that my why and vision isn’t really about me – my goal is to impact 1 million people through my paid and complimentary programs so I can empower women financially. When I remind myself it’s not about me but to help others that’s when the insecurity goes away.


How do you stay connected to your purpose and your passion? 

I think it’s easy to get disconnected from your passion and purpose when you are doing things that aren’t in your zone of genius.

The more I focus on what I’m good at and outsource the rest, the easier I find it is to connect with my passion and purpose.

Getting a cleaner is so cost effective and getting a virtual assistant if you run a business will likely mean you have so much more time to focus on revenue generating tasks! It really is a game changer!



Who and/or what inspires you?


Healthy food

Sophia Amoruso

Interesting people who are doing cool things!

Different cultures

Make up


Interior design

Personal development 



I’d love to know what’s next for you and your business?

Later this year I will be launching a coaching certification, Coaching Mastery to compliment my life coaching course Personal Mastery and online business course, Business Mastery.

I’m also hosting a string of events in LA, Vancouver, NYC, Miami and Sydney plus I’ll be taking the first group of women through my program as part of the It Girl Foundation.

The first group of people we are targeting are women in the Phillipines and we want to expand into India, central Asia and East Africa in the future.


My words of advice for young women about taking the leap and following their dreams would be…. 

Going through life thinking “what if” is far worse than taking a risk on your dreams!


And finally do you have a quote or a daily mantra you use to keep you feeling clear, confident and connected within your business and life? 

I am enough! 🙂


After speaking with Jess it’s obvious that she practices what she preaches and that implementation is one of the keys to her success. Share with me in the comments what pearls of wisdom you gained from Jessica’s interview!


Professional Bio

jessica-nazarali-business-coach-ainslie-youngJessica Nazarali is the Host & Founder of It Girl Academy and It Girl Foundation. She’s a speaker, leading coach and philanthropist, who is dedicated to helping women create meaningful careers and live out their best lives.

Take a look at Jessica’s work over at her website and learn more about her IT Girl Foundation here

You can follow Jess on Facebook, Instagram @jessnazarali and Snap Chat: jess-nazarali