In this episode of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear me share:


++ A different (and more positive) view of procrastination through the lens of our nervous system and why it’s actually an asset in your business,

++ Why the usual surface level mindset work won’t help you move through procrastination and what to try instead,

++ How my ‘Outcome Based Feeling’ approach to procrastination helped a client go from feeling really down about herself and her procrastination to being re-focused and ready to take inspired action on her two big projects. 








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Transcript – How To Reframe Procrastination & Make it Work For You


​​Hi there lovely listener. Welcome back to the Feminine Business School podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about how to reframe procrastination in your business. Essentially I am going to share how procrastination is a positive thing!


That’s right. I believe procrastination in business is actually a positive sign.


Ok so you may be thinking I am a little crazy saying this, especially if you’ve been following me for a while and you know that I love talking about productivity (and procrastination is the opposite of this).


But stay with me.


I’m sure as a business person you know that we’re taught procrastination is the enemy of productivity and achieving our goals.


It is something to avoid at all costs if we want a successful business. And we’re told that to be successful you must always be productive and keep your foot on the accelerator at all times.


There’s no time for procrastination.


But I disagree.




Because when we experience procrastination it’s important information that something isn’t quite right.


Something within ourselves or within our businesses that needs our attention.


And from a nervous system perspective, our procrastinating ways are telling us that something needs further enquiry so it can be unravelled and completed.


And do you know what? Procrastination is something to be celebrated because it’s our nervous system keeping us safe.


Procrastination is actually your body prodding you and asking, “What is actually needed here?”


Let me put all of this in context.


Recently I hosted a Collective Brilliance Circle session for the clients who are in my Ascension Inner Circle (this is the VIP option within the Feminine Business Mastermind).


One of my brilliant clients shared that she was feeling bad about herself because she wasn’t meeting her deadlines.


She was procrastinating on moving two of her major projects forward.


And she was framing procrastination as negative and that was simply the end of the story.


Now other coaches and business coaches would probably focus on the surface level stuff with this client – like all of the tasks that were standing in her way and how she could work through them to get momentum flowing.


(This is just Task Based Thinking – where we intellectualise everything and ‘tick off the to-do’s’).


But in contrast, my client and I took a more embodied approach.


We focused on Outcome Based Feeling – we dived into how she was FEELING in her body and that’s where the gold was.


This client was able to uncover (herself) exactly what needed to be shifted and was then far more receptive to creative ideas from others as to how she could bring these 2 projects back to life and get them completed on time.


At the start of the session this client said she wanted more clarity around the best next steps and to leave feeling more confident and a greater sense of ease.


And that’s exactly what she walked away with.


From feeling crap about herself >> to >> re-focused and ready to take inspired action.


Pretty good right?!


So next time you feel and know that procrastination is keeping you stuck in your business I invite you to do 2 things:

  1. Be happy that this important information has made itself known and
  2. Get curious and ask yourself “What is actually needed here?”


Remember, procrastination is positive! 😉


And keeping with the procrastination theme – procrastination is so prominent when we are in Launch Mode!! How often have you found yourself either putting off launching something in your business or you start the whole launch process, things start to move and then you stop because you’re hung up on small or big details and you just can’t get back on the launch train? If you’re nodding, don’t worry I’ve been there and so have my clients. It’s really common! Launching brings up all your stuff, including procrastination.


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Ok, well that’s it for today! I hope you love this simple reframe of procrastination in your business and you’re keen to join me next week for the free Launch workshop! Have a great rest of the week and I’ll speak with you soon.