In this episode of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear me share:


++What a pivot is versus my interpretation of a pivot, 

++ Specific circumstances you may be faced with pivoting and changing direction in your business,

++ And the juicy part of the episode is where I share 3 common pivot fears and how you can use 3 specific and super powerful reframes to ensure your pivot takes your business to the next level with ease.









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Transcript – How To Powerfully Reframe Fears of Pivoting in Business

Welcome to another episode of the Feminine Business Podcast, I am your host Ainslie Young and today we’re going to talk about pivots. So specifically I’ll share what a pivot is versus my interpretation of a pivot, when you may be faced with pivoting and changing direction in your business and the juicy part of the episode is where I share 3 common pivot fears and how you can use 3 specific and super powerful reframes you can embody to ensure your pivot takes your business to the next level with ease.


Ok let’s talk about pivoting. Since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen the rise of pivoting in business, because less face it, it has been critical for many businesses to stay afloat, especially for brick and mortar businesses. And these kind of pivots feel quite dramatic and big because these businesses may be shifting their entire business model.


Now according to Forbes Magazine a pivot means “fundamentally changing the direction of a business when you realize the current products or services aren’t meeting the needs of the market. The main goal of a pivot is to help a company improve revenue or survive in the market.”


But before you cringe and your body starts to contract around this description, this isn’t the type of pivot I want to talk about today.


What I want to focus on in today’s episode is talking about pivots in a service based business and where the pivot is actioned because your current business model, or your niche, or your offerings aren’t actually serving you, the business owner.


Maybe your business is going well – you have a steady stream of revenue, your systems are in place, but you desire to explore something else. Your heart is calling for more.


Or maybe business isn’t going as well as you’d hoped AND you’ve realised that something is out of alignment – it could be your niche, your offerings or your business model.


Now these types of ‘pivots’ have been coming up for some of my Ascension Inner Circle clients and it’s been something that I have been working on too, it’s something I spoke about in the last episode, episode 31, you may want to go back and listen in….so I felt it was really ripe for discussion.


And I know pivoting can feel scary, daunting and tiring but I want to offer 3 powerful reframes for 3 common pivoting fears.


Ok, so the first fear around pivoting is that you have to start from scratch. You have to go back to the drawing board. And when this fear comes up it can feel like it’s all too much….too much time, energy and money that you’ve already invested has gone down the drain.


But the thing is you’re not starting from scratch you’re actually evolving. And as you evolve so does your body of work and so does your business. It’s natural.


So a really powerful reframe can be that your work or your business is actually your life’s work. It’s continually evolving as you are evolving as an entrepreneur and as a woman.


I like to use the pathway analogy when I am talking to clients….about when we’re promoting our work we’re actually inviting them to walk down a pathway to join us in partnership. But the thing is, we’re not necessarily building a brand new path within our pivot. Our pivot is just an extension or a new section of our brilliant path.


This is something that I have really embodied.


My pivot is around refining my niche, so who I serve and how I help these clients. The extension of my path is now focusing on partnering with established female business owners, who are doing $10+K months and who are wanting to activate their purpose, power and pleasure so they can experience next level prosperity and freedom in their lives.


So this pivot could feel really huge and like I need to make a huge announcement to the world and change ALL THE THINGS. But put simply, it’s just an extension to what I’m already doing. I am just laying a new stretch of path for clients to walk down to as my body of work evolves.


The second fear I see around pivoting in business is that it’s going to take a lot of time to ‘rebuild’ and get back to where you were in business. This is really common when you’re narrowing down or changing your niche.


But the thing is there are limitless possibilities on offer to all of us. And it’s absolutely possible that your business can grow quickly because of this pivot, because you have done the alignment work and your operating from this place.


And it’s this inner work, the embodiment work, the energetic work which makes up 80% of your success. So if you’re embodying the belief that your business is going to absolutely explode because of this pivot, this is going to take you far!


This is the work!! So lean into the possibilities and embody your limitlessness.


And you can also use the first reframe for this too – where you take the pressure off in regards to time, and lean into the idea that this is your life’s work and your personal and professional evolution will catalyse the evolution of your work.


And the third fear that is common  when it comes to pivoting in business is the ‘Im not ready. I am just not ready. I am not skilled enough. I don’t have enough experience. The ‘not enough’ ness’ that so many of us struggle with.


The thing is, there is no perfect time for anything, including a perfect time to pivot. Our inner Saboteur will always find a logical, rational reason why we should wait for next quarter, or wait until we’ve finished the latest qualification you’re doing, or wait until the branding is complete.


But you have to first decide that this pivot is happening and it will be a success no matter what.


This is critical. You have to decide. No one else. You. You have to make the decision that the pivot is happening and it will be a success.


And you’re probably saying, but how do I know if it’s all going to work out?!


Well then…you look for the evidence as to where you have taken a leap of faith before.


And without knowing you, I know you have taken a leap of faith, if you’re listening to this and you own a business. You had no proof, no evidence that you had the ability to start a business let alone create a successful business, but you’re doing it.


So look for evidence from your past we’re you’ve just decided that you were going to do something, you took that leap of faith and you made it happen.


And you can also look to others – if someone else has done something you want to do. You can absolutely pull it off…..because we’re leaning into infinite possibilities and the magic of life. We’re switching up the saboteur….the logic and reason for the magician who turns lead into gold.


Ok so I hope this has got you all fired up if you’re considering changing direction or pivoting in your business.


If you’re considering taking a leap and changing direction in your business or you’re really just ready to massively up level, then let’s have a chat. 


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If this sounds like something that would be really valuable to you – you can just jump on over to the show notes and I’ve got a link for you to book in there.


Ok until next time, I hope you have a great week and I’ll speak to you soon!