The Essential Copywriting Skills Mini Series – Designed For Your Online Business Success PART 2

In Part 1 of the The Essential Copywriting Mini Series I shared with you 5 Surefire Techniques to Overcome Your Fear of Writing For Your Business.

Now that you’ve overcome your fear of writing and putting you and your business out there, we can move on and tackle discipline!

Sometimes it can be really hard to sit your backside down and punch out copy for your business.

But it is possible to make your copywriting practice a fun and enjoyable experience.

Below I share my 3 top tips that will ensure your personal copywriting experience is inspiring, fun and highly effective!


3 Top Tips To Make Copywriting For Your Business Ridiculously Enjoyable

1. Remind Yourself You Are Doing This For You

When you’re a business owner you frequently have to complete tasks that you dread. (For me it’s finances!).

If this is how you feel about writing copy for your business I encourage you to remind yourself that spending time on this activity WILL benefit YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

This is your chance to write copy that connects with your ideal client or customer, which will ultimately encourage them to buy from you or work with you.

Let’s face it – business is about sales and you want to radically boost your bottom line so you can help more people and live the life of your dreams!

Red-hot copy can help you can help you do just that!


2. Combine Copywriting With Something You Love

A great way to make writing for your business a habit is to combine the practice with something you enjoy.

For example, if you enjoy meditating you can clear your mind and raise your energy levels before sitting down to whip up a piece of great written content.

Maybe you may like to do a short yoga sequence and then leverage how great you feel by following up with sitting down to write your heart out.

Alternatively you could pull an oracle card and ask for some guidance or brew up a beautiful pot of herbal tea and sip it whilst writing.

Have a think about what aspects of your day or certain activities you really enjoy and pair them with your writing practice.

For me, I like to eat a yummy breakfast, write in my journal and meditate and then I jump straight into writing.

I do this before I tackle emails or other business tasks, as I know this is when I’m feeling the most fresh and inspired to write.


3. Focus on Your Atmosphere

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Your environment has a significant impact on your mood and productivity when it comes to writing copy for your business.

I’ve found that creating an inspiring atmosphere helps to make the writing process far more enjoyable… and I’m also more effective.

Here are some ways that you can create an inspiring atmosphere to make your writing experience enjoyable:

  • Make sure you sit in a well-lit space. I love writing near a window where natural light streams in and bright light is abundant,
  • A tidy and clean workspace also helps you feel more clear headed and writing (hopefully) becomes a breeze,
  • You may like to light your favourite candle or incense and have it stimulate your senses whilst writing (I’m currently coveting a few gorgeous Lemon Canary Candles),
  • I also like to have my vision board and current goals in eye line to help keep me motivated and on task,
  • If you enjoy listening to music I can highly recommend the Spotify App. You can create your own writing playlist or stream playlists that others have created. I also like some of the FOCUS playlists which include Peaceful Piano, Deep Focus and Mellow Beats,
  • If writing from a home office isn’t your thing, or you need a change of scenery, head to your favourite coffee shop to re-ignite your writing spark. My favourite local haunt at the moment is Teakha in Po Tuck Street, Sai Wan.
  • If you can’t get to a café or restaurant I suggest you check out the cool Coffetivity app, which recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better!


By following these 3 simple steps you will find it much easier to sit down and create copy for your business that connects with and converts your ideal customer or client into a sale!


I’d love to hear if you have any specific strategies you use to help make writing copy for your business a pleasant and fun experience! Share away in the comment section below!

Next in The Essential Copywriting Mini Series I’ll teach you how to turn a simple social media status update into a powerful piece of content for your business!




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