In part one of the ‘Value YOU’ series we delved into the important difference between self-worth and self-confidence and identified the significant role self-worth plays in living your best life.

We’re now going to take this one step further and I’ll show you how you can enhance your self-worth by focusing on one key thing (PLUS, I’m sharing a FREE COACHING WORKSHEET below).

Now I can list out a heap of different psychologically proven methods that you can use to help boost your self-esteem such as do things you enjoy, build positive relationships, set achievable goals, dial down your ‘Inner Mean Girl,’ stop comparing yourself to others, try mindfulness techniques…..but the truth is:

  1. I’ve already written about these,
  2. I will probably write about these topics in the future (as they are valid and super important) and
  3. I believe that what I’m sharing with you in this post is THE MOST IMPORTANT and effective way to increase your self-esteem.

But before we get into it, I want to remind you of the benefits of building your self-worth.


Benefits of Increasing Your Self-Worth

  • You’re better equipped to handle criticism and negative feedback,
  • You’re more likely to push yourself out of your comfort zone, reach your goals and cope well with setbacks,
  • You’re more open to enjoying your own company,
  • You don’t expect others to make you feel good about yourself,
  • You value yourself more and stand up for yourself,
  • You are a more self-confident person.


The Number One Way To Boost Your Self-Worth

We all measure our own value and self-worth in different ways and often the benchmark is other people. We compare our own abilities, skills, talents and potential to our best friend, a work colleague, our favourite cousin, celebrities….and the list goes on.

But the number one thing to remind yourself is that you’re a unique individual and your uniqueness is invaluable.

You have a unique point of view that only you bring to every situation and you have something to offer the world that no one else has.

When you embrace your uniqueness you accept and acknowledge all of your skills, strengths, weaknesses, talents, failures, interests, knowledge, opinions, perspectives, vision and life experiences (the good and bad).

Your difference is your significance!

Rather than seeing your difference as a disadvantage, grab hold of it and embrace it. Instead of fighting it, let it propel your forward.

I can guarantee that by taking the time to uncover your uniqueness you will feel proud, respect the value you offer the world and as a result your self-worth with sky-rocket.

how to built your self-worth


How to discover your uniqueness

It’s important to mention that uncovering your uniqueness is an ongoing process and many people find it challenging.

You may find it uncomfortable digging deep, examining your past and highlighting your strengths and weaknesses…..but it will be worth it. Trust me!

I’ve created a special Coaching Worksheet specifically to help you discover your own uniqueness with the aim of instantly boosting your self-worth.

Just download your FREE Self-Worth Coaching Worksheet here or click the image below:

FREE - Self-Worth Coaching Worksheets


Once you have a holistic view of all of your amazing skills, beliefs, experiences, passions and value you will then be more inclined to celebrate your uniqueness and let it shine!



It’s you turn! I’d love to hear in the comments what unique qualities you’ve uncovered and how you’ve realised your difference is your significance?

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