In this episode of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear me share:


++ The 2 major problems I see when we’re trying to ‘beat the algorithm’ when we are marketing our work online

++ A powerful client case study which shows how you can combine strategy and data with the magic of the felt feminine to achieve an amazing result

++ A new code for you to embody where Your Energy IS the Algorithm and how this will transform your content creation and take your magnetism to the next level.








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Transcript – How To Beat The Algorithm with Embodied Expression


Welcome to another episode of the Feminine Business School podcast. I am Ainslie Young your hostess and today we’re going to be talking about the importance of your energy, specifically when it comes to your expression and marketing your work on your online platforms.


And you may be curious as to why I want to speak to this.


Well quite often a client will ask me specific questions about marketing and how to effectively use these online platforms including “How do I beat the algorithm?” Or “When’s the best time to send out an email to my list?”


Now these kinds of questions are really valid because a) I know how much work, time and energy goes into creating quality content and b) of course we’d love as many of the right people to see it and take action.


However, there are a few problems with the approach of ‘how can we beat’ something.


  1. First I believe when we want to beat something we’re in a competitive energy and we’re coming from a place of lack. We’re like “Facebook is my enemy!” and we’re already holding an expectation that we’re not going to get what it is that we want.
  2. The second problem I see with wanting to beat the algorithm is that we’re giving all of our power away. We are placing so much power outside of ourselves and essentially saying “Well it’s up to the algorithm if this post or email sparks that engagement I desire.”


And of course holding these beliefs in our mind and the tension associated with them in the body makes it very hard for us to access pleasure when we’re creating and sharing our awesome content, and then this affects our magnetism.


So essentially, our amazing content won’t have the desired outcome we’d hope for. You’ll put out a post on instagram with a call to action and crickets. Or the only engagement you’ll get is a few emoji’s from your mum (I’m speaking from experience here ha!).


Now don’t get me wrong. We do need a content strategy and we need to look at the data and the amazing analytics to help inform when we share our content and maybe what kind of content resonates with our audience.


I believe we need to be looking at data and continually refining as we go.

But we don’t need to be so hung up on the specifics and stress about the details every day.

And of course I know a few ‘tricks’ or ‘hacks’ or ‘best practices’ when it comes to online marketing – but lets face it, online platforms are changing at the speed of light AND this is totally NOT my jam.


And that’s why I wholeheartedly believe that your energy is the algorithm.


So what do I mean by this?


When you calibrate your energy and your body for what it is you desire you can beat any algorithm.


When you calibrate your energy and your body for what it is you desire your transmission, so essentially what it is that you’re expressing, will be clear and your resonance with your audience will be impactful.


I have a really great client case study to help give you a relevant example – so one of my clients who is a yoga instructor and a transformational coach put together a new lead magnet and it was 100% coming from a place of service and sincerity. She enjoyed the creation process and she could feel how valuable her offering was to her audience.


She had a few ideas about how she was going to share it but she didn’t zero in o or focus too much on the specifics. She just shared it in a few of the Facebook groups she’s a member of And in just 48 hours she had close to 300 new subscribers on her email list!


And she also had new clients sign up to work with her off the back of this successful and easeful lead magnet.


And in our Feminine Business Mastermind group coaching session she shared these words “The craziest thing about all of this is that it felt so effortless and aligned.”


Also, what I love about this client is that she does look at her email and social analytics and together we’ve looked at refining certain formatting and copy elements in her emails to improve them.


So this coach and yoga instructor beautifully combines the data, the healthy masculine with the magic, with her feminine energy to partner with these online platforms to get the results that she’s looking for.


And this is the work we do in the Feminine Business Mastermind – calibrating our body for success through embodiment practices and coupling this with feminine marketing strategies.


So my invitation to you is, when you’re feeling frustrated because your content is not being seen or you’re not getting the engagement you desire, drop into your body and feel into the energy you’re holding around creating and sharing your contant.


Also I also invite you to repeat after me “MY ENERGY IS THE ALGORITHM.” 😉 “MY ENERGY IS THE ALGORITHM.” Feel your inner power rise.


This will allow you to let your energy do a lot of the work and the heavy lifting for you when it comes to content marketing.


Trust me. It works.


Ok friends, if you’ve found this episode helpful, I’d really appreciate it if you spread the love and took a screenshot and shared it on instagram. Make sure you tag me @ainslieyoung so I can see it!  I know content and algorithms are things that many of us are challenged by – so let’s help other business folk out! Because let’s face it – we didn’t go into business to be professional content creators!


Until next week, here’s to your pleasure, power and prosperity in business. I look forward to speaking with you soon!