Happy Friday!

I have something to admit – today’s post isn’t exactly what I had planned.  

I’m going through a self-sabotage stage and I’m losing all things important – think passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate and the latest valuable is my amazing camera which my parents gifted me for my 30th Birthday!

(Insert a flood of tears here + no sleep!).

So I am missing photos from the back half of the week.

But I still think that you will enjoy the diverse exhibition photos!

Take a peek below.


Hong Kong Institute of Design

I have become obsessed with the local HK Magazine that comes out every Friday.

It provides an awesome overview of what’s hot in the city, where to eat, drink and be ‘cultured.’

This results in me madly circling events + the odd coffee shop to hit up.

The HKID have three great exhibitions on show at the moment, so I took my awesome friend, Camie, out to Tseung Kwan O.

The campus is amazing and the Hong Kong Hipster vibe is so evident as students provide a live fashion show!

I was immediately hooked.


The ‘Red Dot’ Award Winning Designs

Good products don’t eventuate from thin air.

An idea is formed, a long development process unfolds and hopefully a product is born.

I’m always keen to hear the story behind a product, so I was so excited to see the Red Dot exhibition.

This exhibition showcased 21 award-winning products whose designs have changed the world in some way.

My favourite designs were:

1.Lucky Chair

It’s a happy-looking multi-purpose chair, which can be used in cafeterias, waiting and meeting areas as well as in living spaces.

Its style is characterised by an organically shaped shell body and is apparently pleasantly soft – plus it always looks happy!


2. The Firephant

In some countries it’s a legal requirement to have a fire extinguisher in the home.

But often they aren’t appealing to look at.

But a Swedish designer has come up with the Firephant, an aesthetically pleasing fire extinguisher, which home owners are happy to have out on display!


3. The Can Watch

The Can-Watch follows the concept of combining sustainability with a social mission.

The watch is made from up-cycled materials and crafted by under privileged people in local NGO workspaces.

It’s super stylish too. I want one!


4. Fever Zero Sleeping Bag

This ultra light sleeping bag weighs only 280 grams total and can be packed down to the size of just 11x18cm, the size of a sandwich!

The sleeping bag is crafted from ultra fine 7 denier yarn, and is so special that it can only be weaved in one factory in the world located in Japan.


Japanese Poster Artists

Cherry Blossom and Asceticism

Japan has a unique poster culture and this exhibition showcased over 200 works that represented how advertising images have evolved from the 1950’s to the present.

I loved the glowing colours, particularly from  Shigeo Fukuda, who focused on pictograms and optical illusions to showcase his visual communication skills.

starting-with-a-legsstarting-with-a-japanstarting-with-a-blog-japan-3starting-with-a-japan-2 starting-with-a-japan-1

Re Rag Rug

I nearly didn’t go upstairs to the Re Rag Rug exhibition.

But I’m so glad I did.

Swedish designers Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans show how traditional handicraft techniques combined with using waste and excess from the textile industry can create artistic rug designs.

The artists used diverse materials including discarded woollen sweaters, Kauri – a Japanese textile and cotton T-shirts just to name a few.

They were true masterpieces – too good to walk on!


starting-with-a-rug-pattern starting-with-a-rug

starting-with-a-rug-1starting-with-a-rug-5 starting-with-a-rug-4starting-with-a-rug-2 starting-with-a-rug-3

Where: Hong Kong Institute of Design Gallery

Location: 3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories

How to get there: Take MTR to Tiu Keng Leng station, Exit A2.

Admission: Free


Today I am off to Vietnam for a long weekend and I am preying I can replace my camera at the Duty Free.

If not, next week’s post will be courtesy of my iPhone!

Have a great weekend!