In this episode of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear me share:


++  The major myth in the online coaching and business world that is keeping you stuck in your business (it will really hit home when you hear it!),

++ What jumping out of a plane 12 years ago has to do with this major myth around ‘being stuck’ and how I used it as evidence to keep moving forward so my business could grow, 

++ A powerful question that will help you assess exactly what’s keeping you feeling stuck in your business so you can ditch self-sabotage and move forward towards your audacious vision










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Transcript – The Number 1 Reason Why You’re Stuck in Business 


Welcome lovely listener to another episode of the Feminine Business School podcast. I am your host Ainslie Young and today I want to bring you a short and sharp episode that will help you reframe feeling stuck in your business. 

Now this is really important because getting to a point in your business where you’re stuck is really common. I see it in my clients, my peers and of course myself.

And when we’re stuck, obviously we’re not moving forward and we’re not making progress towards our desires and dreams. We can look back and we’ve been doing the same thing over and over again and made very little progress or nothing has actually changed in the last 3, 6, 12 months.

Often I have client’s coming to me because they are stuck. These established business owners have their businesses ticking along but there is an element of being stuck.

Whether it’s having some sort of new idea or new vision they want to bring to life, and it’s been bubbling under the surface for quite some time, yet they perceive themselves to be stuck.

Or maybe they really want to try a new way of working, they want to embrace pleasure-centred leadership in their business, but something is holding them back. They tell me they are stuck….and there are so many other examples I could share.

Now here is what I want to share with you today. This is one of the main reasons why we become stuck in business.

We are basing so many of our decisions to move forward under this illusion that it has to feel good.

You hear about the concept of alignment sooooo often in the online business and coaching space…to the point where I feel like it’s true meaning has been diminished. 

And we’ve come to believe that if a decision or an action doesn’t feel good it’s not aligned….

So we don’t pursue it. We don;t move forward.

And this is what causes chronic stuck-ness in business.

I want to share 2 personal examples of how you can move through feeling stuck while feeling really uncomfortable… really is a myth that your actions moving forward always need to feel good to be aligned.

So the first example is from 12 years ago….it actually popped up in my Facebook memories the other day which got me thinking about this concept. So 12 years ago my sister and I were running a product based business and we were a part of a year long entrepreneurial mentoring container based in Sydney. We had this personal development exercise where we were invited to go sky diving!

Now sky diving was never on my bucket list or things to do….I don’t even like roller coasters. Also, I am a really big planner. Having a plan and having all the information on what I am about to do helps me to feel safe. 

But when it came to the whole sky diving experience I just trusted. I didn’t google the sky diving school, I didn’t look at their website and read about the process and didn’t even really think about what I was going to do at all when it came to jumping out of the plane. I simply trusted. I trusted that I was meant to do it and that there was a lesson in this process for me.

Was I nervous and was my heart racing while we were ascending into the sky? Yes! And did I think “what the heck are we doing?” as we were ready to jump out? Of course.

But I so clearly remember the free fall and that exhilarating feeling of aliveness and power. And to this day I remember how proud I was that I jumped out of that plane and the only thing that I had to cling to was trust… in the process and trust that it was going to feel amazing on the other side.

Now the second example is from early last year where I signed up to work with a sales coach for a year and pay over $11k USD up front. Logically it didn’t really make sense as I’d already said I wasn’t going to have any big coaching investments in 2021 as I had made considerable investments, about $17k the year before, and also my husband was between jobs at the time and we were feeling the financial pinch and quite insecure.

But I remember saying yes to this coach and then after the call, for days I felt sick. I felt nauseous and worried. My logical mind and physical body were obviously feeling very unsafe. But again I trusted in myself, my mentor and the power of the container that I was in. Because your environment matters. When you’re working in a silo it can be really hard to make that stretch and to feel into possibilities. So essentially I paid to play and be around expanders because your environment matters.

And even though it felt widely uncomfortable and I felt sick after making the decision. I remained in trust and I did the work….and as a result within 3 weeks I had more than tripled my investment. 

And this was just great evidence and more experience when I signed on to work with my current mentor….with an investment of more than 4x what I paid to work with my mentor from 2021…..yes it felt wildly uncomfortable….and still does at times. But I trust in my vision….and I allow my vision to be bigger and more important than my comfort.

So my question to you is……what is more important to you…..your comfort and staying where you are OR your vision? Your big bold, audacious vision that you have for yourself, your family, your clients and the world?

I know what is more important to me…..because I also know what exhilarating pleasure, power and purpose are waiting on the other side of discomfort.

So your key takeaway from today’s episode is don’t let this idea that alignment always needs to feel good in order for you to take action. 

It’s a myth and it’s keeping you stuck! And I don’t want that for you, because I know you have such amazing things to offer and to share with the world.

Now something else that may feel really uncomfortable for you is to Unleash Your Pleasure Potential To Claim The Business & Life You Desire…and if you’re feeling excitement and discomfort that’s good because I have something for you. 

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I’ll be sharing proven frameworks, tools and ways of ‘being’ that have helped myself and my clients ditch the hustle and often heartache of business, take back their power and allow their pleasure to create all that they desire in life and work.

It’s going to be delicious! 

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Ok, until next time, I hope you really tune into what’s on the other side of your discomfort. Have an incredibly pleasurable week and I’ll speak to you soon.