I’m really excited because today I’m interviewing a phenomenal woman and business owner who REALLY embodies feminine leadership and who also happens to be an incredible client, and this woman is Rosann Ling.


Rosann Ling is the Founder & Creative Director at Prism Creative, a boutique branding agency that works with brave change-makers to bring their brands to life. With clients ranging from NGO’s to Wellness Entrepreneurs to big Tech giants, her dream has always been to use strategy and design to engage, delight and drive purposeful impact.


Rosann has a Masters of Arts from the Royal College of Art, London and she has previously worked with Interior Design and Brand Experience agencies to create responsive environments and compelling narratives for brands including Google, Tate Modern, Heston Blumenthal, Pizza Express, PwC and Como Hotel Group.


I can’t tell you how much I love and admire this woman (who’s only 30 years old BTW!). What she has created in just 2 years of being in business, blows my mind. 


If you’re skeptical about dropping the hustle and grind for a more gentle way of doing business and you’re not sure if it will work for you, then you MUST listen to Rosann’s incredible story!


Here’s what we covered in our interview:

++ Rosann shared how she went from falling out of love with her craft and her business (totally burned out)  to becoming booked out with her dream clients, even during the Corona Virus Pandemic

Rose shared the biggest challenges she needed help solving in her business (and it’s probably not what you’re expecting)

++ We uncovered what actually attracted her to embracing Feminine Leadership and running her business in a more feminine way, despite her Asian upbringing

++ Rosann shared all of the incredible results she has achieved in her business to date – find out how she nearly tripled her revenue (even during COVID-19) plus how she pulled off working with a huge Chinese Tech Unicorn even though she had massive self-doubt

++ Rose also shared how she continually benefits from prioritising pleasure in both life and business and the practicalities around this 

++ We also uncovered how she went from thinking she’ll always be a solopreneur to creating a thriving agency and employing staff both locally and internationally  (and creating an agency on her own terms….a far cry from the big, masculine hustle and grind kind of agencies she’s worked for in the past)

++ And finally learn why YOU should really consider embracing a more feminine way of running your business and joining us within the Feminine Business Mastermind experience! 








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