For me, this week has been about connection – re-connecting with friends after being in Singapore and the joy of making new friends.

As you can see below, connecting goes hand in hand with lots of eating and I have definitely done my fair share of eating this week!

Brunch, Business & A Temple

I had the pleasure of catching up for brunch with my friend Lisa of Lo & Behold. We made a plan to venture out of Central to the hip hood of Tai Hung and enjoyed ‘talking shop’ at the cool Classified eatery.

starting-with-a-blog-tai-hang-classified starting-with-a-blog-tai-hang-classified-3

When I met Lisa late last year we instantly clicked. We always joke that’s it’s like we’ve been friends forever and we share so many things in common.

Our conversations usually start with recounting our latest travel adventures and then progress to business. Lisa and I are always discussing ways we can improve our productivity and discipline, especially as we both work from home.

We often spend whole afternoons together just chatting and are always surprised that time seems to fly.

Lisa is definitely a valued member of my tribe!


After feeling all grateful after my catch up with Lisa, I wandered around the corner to see the Lin Fa Kung Temple. It still amazes me that in this densely populated city, out of nowhere, an amazing Temple emerges.

I ducked inside for a quick peek and took a few photos which you can see below.

Where: Lin Fa Kung Temple

Location: End of Lin Fa Kung Street, Tai Hang

How to get there: Catch the MTR to Tin Hau Station and take exit B.

Opening hours: 8am – 5pm

starting-with-a-blog-tin-hau-temple-4 starting-with-a-blog-tin-hau-temple-2starting-with-a-blog-tin-hau-temple-5starting-with-a-blog-tin-hau-templestarting-with-a-blog-tin-hau-temple-6

Home-Cooked Dinner Delight

This week James has been in India on business. Usually this means I have toast or eggs for dinner as I really can’t be bothered to cook for myself.

But to my delight a fellow Kennedy Town friend, Anthea, invited me to have dinner at her place. Anthea is a whiz in the kitchen and cooked up a Mexican storm.

We feasted on fresh fish and prawn tortillas, with a scrumptious Midori cheesecake for dessert! (I wish I took a photo!).

I seriously take my hat off to Anthea for being able to find all the incredible ingredients for our meal, as it’s no easy feat here in Hong Kong!

Anthea’s husband Pat is great company as are their three dogs. I even helped take them out for a walk! (For those of you who know me, you understand that’s a big deal as I’m not that great with dogs!).

After I realised it was 11:45pm I thought I best walk home and lucky for me Anthea sent me off with her home made granola and almond milk which made for an amazing breakfast the following day.

So grateful!


Half Aussie, Half British

A few months ago a friend from High School emailed me and asked would I like to catch up with his cousin who had just moved to Hong Kong.

Of course I said yes, and was happy to think that I could help a new comer to Hong Kong.

Bee, this apparent Hong Kong newbie, suggested we meet at a quaint little cafe in my neighbouring suburb of Sai Ying Pun. After a brief but sweaty walk I made it to GrassRoots Pantry, which is known for serving yummy and nutritious plant-based dishes.


Again, the meal didn’t disappoint!

But what surprised me was the preconceived idea I had of Bee and her life. I naively assumed that she was either from Newcastle or Sydney and that she had moved to HK for work.

As soon as Bee opened her mouth I quickly realised I had no idea. A beautiful English accent greeted me and I learned that Bee essentially grew up in Hong Kong, has lived all around the world and is half Aussie, half British.

When I meet people like Bee, I feel like I have lived such a sheltered life but I’m so grateful to feel like my horizons are rapidly expanding here in Hong Kong.

Bee was awesome and I can’t wait to catch up with her again!

Where: Grassroots Pantry

Location: 12 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun

How to get there: You can now catch the MTR to Sai Ying Pun Station, take exit B3 for Second Street.


K-Town Crew

So it’s nearly midnight here on Thursday and I’ve just returned from dinner with four girls who also live in Kennedy Town….who I’ve never met before.

When I was in Vietnam one of James’s friends, Alex, mentioned he had a Canadian friend in Hong Kong who he thought I should meet, as he recognised we had similar interests. A few months have passed and last week I actually saw Alex in Singapore and I realised that I hadn’t caught up with his friend.

Rather serendipitously, Darlene, his Canadian friend contacted me and invited me to K-Town Bar & Grill for dinner….again I said yes! (Even thought I had frequented that restaurant twice already during the week).

Before I arrived Darlene messaged me to say that she was wearing her Dodge Ball uniform….I thought she was joking, as I didn’t realise it was really a sport! But I was greeted by a bubbly blonde donning a red and black dodge ball uniform, as promised!

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her and her random K-Town friends (one was local and the other two were Brits). Again, my perspective on life was enhanced and as I walked home I actually realised that I really am having fun here.

The fun will continue in July when Darlene and I are fly to Shanghai for our mutual friend, Alex’s wedding!

The world is vast, yet so small!

For this week’s post, I feel like I have done a lot of talking and not a great deal of sharing pictures….I hope you don’t mind! But as you can imagine, it’s kind of awkward asking people who you have recently met if you can take a picture of them or their meal to share on your blog!

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